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Adopt AI-Enabled Chatbots to Turbocharge your Customer Experience

“Chatbots represent a new trend in how people access information, make decisions and communicate. Chatbots bring commerce into this part of our lives and will open up new opportunities.” Christie Pitts, Manager, Verizon Ventures

The tremendous increase in the percentage of smartphone users has given rise to meteoric growth of chatbots among the customers. Enterprise Chatbot Solutions came into existence in 2011 offering support to companies while interacting with their customers. It helps you evolve and align with changing communication habits. 

One of the biggest reasons bots are preferred way of communication is that it bypasses the tedious path of emailing or dialing up the customer support for any query. AI-enabled chatbots can provide information about customer’s preferences, purchase behavior, opinions, and human sentiments. Earning customer satisfaction isn’t very easy, however, bots make it possible by delivering exceptional customer services.
Before we initiate, do you think Customer Service Impacts Business ROI? Let’s talk numbers. 

  • According to a report by American Express, U.S. customers are willing to spend 17% more to do business with companies that deliver excellent customer service
  • 73% of consumers say that a friendly customer service rep can make them fall in love with a brand (Deloitte)
  • Accenture report says 68% of customers have switched to other brands because of poor customer experience
  • Interestingly, 62% of businesses have introduced AI-powered bots in their business and has seen a 10% increase in the quality of communications with customers. (Gartner)

Chatbots are here to stay. Take a quick rundown on how AI-enabled chatbots improve customer experience.

1. Exclude Human Supervision  
The prime reason for using the capabilities of chatbots is that it helps brands to increase their productivity while reducing cost. Yes, a chatbot can continue the chat for long hours without any assistance from humans. It is so crucial as live real-time agents could get sick and tired of answering the same question multiple times, but a bot can do it with ease and never complain.

2. Open New Avenues of Personalized Experiences 
Bots excel at collecting customer data during interactions. Live support agents can use this information and deliver what customers want, effortlessly. Besides virtual assistants, they engage customers in friendly interactions. This way, you not only keep your customers on the website longer but also avoid annoying them with irrelevant and unnecessary information.

3. Speed Up Response Times
Quick resolution to issues equates with good customer service. Impatient customers expect instant solutions, integration of chatbot into your business process can accelerate issue resolutions, thereby improve customer satisfaction levels. Also, with 24*7 customer support, you evade letting go of your customers to your competitors.

4. Fewer Errors, Lesser Worries
AI-enabled bots provide accurate answers to customer inquiries. Why? Build with cognitive technology smartly interpret customer’s response and provide precise and relevant answers. Moreover, they have a lot of memory thus reduces the chance of misapprehending a query and offering an inappropriate solution.

5. One-Time Investment for Timeless Merits
Chatbots come with assured ROI. Humans require a lot of time, rigorous training to get trained and they may leave your job anytime. Once you train your automated bot as per your business workflows, you can reap its benefits for a long time with little or fewer updates.

6. Serve Unlimited Customers at the Same Time
Imagine if a live chat agent has to attend hundreds of customers at once in real time! Well, most of the customers will be left unattended which leads to frustration. An AI-enabled chatbot can have a real-time conversation with unlimited users that increase the service center capacity by 5x times.

Closing Statement
AI-powered chatbots are pushing the envelope of innovation and revolutionizing the way of customer assistance. Being a leading Chatbot Development Company, we have a team of experienced chatbot developers who can build custom bots to take your business to the next level. We ensure your AI conversational bot becomes a new frontier for transforming customer engagement and making it more unified, interactive and collaborative.

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