Analyzing the Driving Factors Behind a Top Grossing App

May 5, 2016

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It takes nothing more than a simple effort to create a highly successful app. When it comes to development, there are few noticeable patterns that contribute in achieving such sort of traction. Before you take your first step, here are some of those patterns that are worth giving a look:


Apps like Instagram and Angry Birds requires nothing more than a single tap to get its full experience. The main secret behind the success of these apps is driven by one single feature: They are Simple!One of the famous fashion designers of all time quoted, “Simplicity Is the Keynote of All Elegance”

These simple apps succeed because people like to adopt things that are simple and easy. Moreover, these applications work with the motto: “lesser the features wider the appeal”

Users Promote their App

If you notice, many of these applications are created in such a way that lets its user to market the app for them. Example: With Whatsapp, you are given the option to invite your friends who are not using the app.

Not only that, Instagram lets you cross-post to other social networking websites. Moreover, some applications ask you to pay or invite friends in order to earn extra points or upgrades.

Targeted towards specific users

When these apps made their debut in the market, it was never their initial target to reach the mainstream audience.  Let’s have a look at some examples:

  • Facebook was primarily launched for students in Harvard.
  • Initial targets of Instagram were foodies and hipsters.
  • Launch of Uber was basically supported by word of mouth in San Francisco

There is an ocean of examples of such applications. But the factor worth considering is that:

Mainstream customers are difficult to crack by novelty. In short, they are always looking for the products/brands that are proven.

Hence, it is easier to make use of small section’s excitement in order to impress the users in the mainstream.

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