AR is all set to take E-commerce to another level

July 17, 2019

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E-commerce is an ever-evolving industry amidst a lot of competition. Technology tools have been making the entire buying and selling process simpler and better, while we’re constantly increasing our expectations from mobile applications and high-tech websites which are leading to an all new level of convenience.

What’s Augmented Reality all about? 
AI is the interface between the real-world environment and computers generated environment, involving the digital visualization of objects over the real world through the AR applications. Being a revolutionary technology, it is a field which tries to make computers and machine smart.

Though, a few years back we just knew AR for movies and experiences but, the scenario isn’t similar anymore! AI in the industries has shown an outstanding success, e-commerce is on the edge of getting a digital breakthrough.

How can AR transform E-commerce experience?
AR is the new disruptive digital technology having the potential to enhance the way people sell and shop. AR mobile apps are the current sensation driving the consumers crazy over online shopping.
A technology that touches core human experience and changes human actions is truly revolutionary

Let’s have a look at a few aspects where AR can be revolutionary for E-commerce:

  • Shopping 
    Shopping malls are generally crowded, you may not always find free trial rooms for a quick look. In case you wish to shop at the store on weekends, stay ready to get exhausted with long queues for trying even a single garment. It may disappoint when you end up purchasing nothing after the long rigorous waiting time. AR can be the appropriate solution in this case! Heard about the latest shopping trend AR app development companies are promoting aggressively? The AR/VR gears allow the customer to visualize the entire products in the store virtually, letting them feel the fabric and decide which one seems appropriate. It’s the biggest plus for the stores as they can flaunt their best products through a virtual tour.
  • Saves Time
    For today’s generation, time is money and as a business owner, you must value your customer’s time! They should have an option to check various product recommendations whenever they feel comfortable doing it. With the help of a virtual store tour, customers can access a complete variety of products or the services offered and purchase as and when required. The process will let your business make more profit earnings within a lesser tenure.
  • Hassle-Free Experience 
    No wonder Augmented Reality app development is the most talked about topic today. AI has come up with an all-new shopping experience by providing the facility of the virtual showroom at home. While AR is the next level satisfaction with the better shopping experience promoting customer engagement and the smoothest ever experience. AR-based applications allow the customers to visualize virtual clothes at home anytime, coming with an option to choose from a wide range of apparels to be tried endlessly.
  • Product Modifications and Previews 
    77% of customers rely on AR capabilities to preview the product variations including color and styles. Customers prefer to check a wide variety before making a decision to shop. They have an option to make product modifications and select the color and sizes as per their relevance. Though product previews were available on the mobile apps long before, AR has introduced the widest possible details packaged in a single platform. Most customers find it useful and prefer having a look online rather than visiting a store for their purchases.
  • Helps Selling Globally 
    With AR integrated systems you aren’t really restricted to a specific location. There’s no end to where you can spread your business reach, provided you have an option to deliver with additional charges! This can let you decrease the showroom cost and have your presence across the larger area. Though this doesn’t seem much interesting when you’re a startup, looking at the future aspects this can be the most exciting thing you could ever wish for!
  • Reduces Exchange and Returns 
    AR provides the customers with the option to observe 3D models of the products in online shops, along with the liberty to customize as per their requirement. Having a variety of options, customers have ample time to think before they make a purchase, this helps in reducing the number of returns, ultimately saving you a huge logistics cost.

The entire statistics, researches, trends, and reports bring us at a common outcome that augmented reality technology is fully suitable for the E-commerce industry, right from boosting sales to ultimately increasing profits, AR can be a wise choice for the future expansion aspects. In the world of E-commerce, it is imperative to find innovative ways to interact with customers and provide them with what they long for.
Trust the power of AR and get going!