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Are Chatbots the new customer experience game changer?

Chatbots are simply conversational AI bridging the gap between a company willing to provide an instant solution to their speed captivated customers. The rush isn’t new but is surely the piping hot trend in the customer service industry. 

Though the chatbot onset wasn’t really a lasting impressing, it might now be the biggest solution to address customer queries and stay purposeful to most of the audience longing to know & understand a brand better. While the major drawback earlier of having chatbots dealing with your customers was the preset replies and unworthy solutions what customers use to receive on having a conversation with bots. Currently, with the technologies coming over, voice recognition and synthetic voice tech have been the mainstream attention, wherein a user experiences an easy to use chatbot with the accurate answers each time they have a query to be answered. We’re no longer restricted to mindful typing and awkward answers to it. 

As brands are approaching chatbot development companies for their personalized chatbots, is the buzz worth a thought? And how does a bot conversation rate better than human interaction? Let’s decode the query jargon-

  • Humanizing the efforts 

    Your brand identity lies in having purposeful and ultimately satisfactory interactions with their customers. Showing the human side of your brand is imperative, creating a brand voice, providing real-time feedback, using social media, sharing interactive content and posting pictures of your team building activities. Having a personalized AI integrated chatbot for your company may increase the chances of customer retention by letting your customers experience human-like conversation along with a pleasant and natural treatment. 

  • Lead generation 

    Chatbots are famous enough among social media channels, especially the chatbots for facebook! Having experienced a quick push by leading social platforms, chatbot adoption is speedy and sensational. Though generating leads through chatbot is not very common in the current era, you can still grab the early adopter advantage.  Several kinds of chatbots are implemented as per the industry requirements to generate leads for their businesses, the biggest example is a real estate agent bot which smooths the customer property buying and renting experience by assisting a buyer round the clock as per their convenience.

  • Digital Conversation Logs 

    It's not always you can maintain a log for the conversation you had with your customers. The human speed of replying to customer pop-ups may not be the same and of course hiring separate teams to handle customer inflow for social channels and websites can be expensive and exhausting. While having a chatbot working exclusively for you can help you accumulate digital data of the interactions which can further be the best analysis to know customer behavior, requirement, and usage patterns. Having a complete analysis of customer expectations can majorly help a brand in creating engagement and retention strategies for future purposes. 


Are chatbots merely for reducing headcounts? 

Well, we’re already well versed with the concept of effectively handling customer queries through chatbots but, this isn’t it! Chatbots are the most useful weapon to enhance customer experience, Artificial Intelligence is powerful in analyzing what customers require, how they would prefer to receive it and the best way possible to guide the sales agents for best responses and fastest resolution. 
AI-powered chatbots solutions are a pro in addressing more qualified chats, helping to deliver solutions for complex issues and lowering the handling time, thus increasing the conversations. 
Implement an AI-powered bot for your business and let your customers have superior experiences! 

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