Big Data and IoT for a Smarter Connected World

May 12, 2017

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We cannot deny the fact that Big Data & Internet of Things (IoT) are the two hottest tech topics that have been talked about enormously. Undoubtedly, the use of Big Data has been growing over the years that has enabled several organizations to analyze the data & discover patterns that will impact their positive business growth. Similarly, IoT is becoming popular & has offered a wide range of capabilities a connected world can provide. Organizations deal with a huge amount of data every day that needs analysis and IoT act as an ideal source for that data.

Understanding the Connection between Big Data & IoT

Though both the topics are not similar, combining them can unfold amazing possibilities one could have never imagined. EMC believes that the IoT will account for a humongous data of 4.4 trillion GB in the universe by the year 2020. With billions of devices & sensors that will be connected to the internet, these devices will be gathering, sharing or analyzing data in real time. Without these data, IoT devices would not have gained so much attention.

Big data and IoT are not only related but they also impact one another. As Internet of Things grows, demands for Big Data’s capabilities will rise. The information that is collected from IoT devices will reside in Big Data Analytics where it will be analyzed to create positive insights. The usage of Big data analytics will expand in the years to come where the digital data entered by people & collected from smart objects will be evaluated to transform the way business works. These data aggregation goals can be achieved only through the collaboration of Big Data and IoT.

One of the best examples will be tech wearables where the fitness band is the part of IoT. It records health related data & tracks them effectively to notify the users about the progress of their set fitness goals. Another great example of the collaboration of IoT & Big Data is Disney World’s MagicBand, a wearable enabled with the sensor that allows vacationers to check-in their hotel rooms, order food, book spot for tourist attractions, etc. The users will use wearable to check-in by tapping against a receiver that will track their movement through RFID. With this data, Disney can decide whether they can accommodate more guests in attractions and regulate inventory at shops.

We have observed that the future of technology lies in the smart collaboration of Big Data Analytics Solutions and IoT. Most of the organizations are aware that using Big Data and IoT will be beneficial for the business growth. However, it is important to make sure that they have the right tools and resources. Find out all that you need to know about Big data and IoT on our upcoming Webinar. Register yourself and avail the opportunity to learn how Big Data is adding value through IoT.


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