Cyber Security

  • How’s Machine Learning Ensuring Data Security

    Data security has been the most talked-about topics, why? Tons of data are produced daily, which is later transferred to a secured space. Well, this isn’t as sorted as it sounds. Data is the key for any business and even a slight mishandling can be a tough situation to deal with!So, what’s the tiebreaker here? With the technology breakthrough, data security can be taken care to the maximum possible extent. At the simplest level...

  • How to Prevent Cyber Security Attacks with Big Data Analytics

    The evolving growth of the enterprise world is putting organizations at risk of cyber-attacks that has increased tremendously over the years. Research says the rapid digitization will increase the cost of data breaches to $21 trillion by the end of 2019. Today, hackers & cybercriminals are constantly creating bigger threats leading towards the lack of data security, which in turn causes great financial losses and bad reputation of the...


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