• Steps You Must Follow To Build The Right Customer Loyalty Program Strategy

    As we witness the growing demand for digitization, every organization is focusing to optimize business processes for better productivity & enhanced customer experiences. Successful businesses know that customers are always their top priority and no business can fully grow without loyal customers no matter how great their offerings are. That is where having a good customer loyalty program is essential for your business to win your customers...

  • Complete Guide on How to Plan Your Loyalty Program Concept

    Keeping customers stick to a brand is what every business keeps as their major goal. The right mix of marketing strategies and a loyalty program that best defines your business is a killer strategy to grow and flourish. For every business to succeed it’s imperative to plan and spend a generous amount of time researching for the best possible strategy.Now, what could be the next step? No, this won't look like rushing to get your...

  • Discovering Customer Loyalty in 2021- Impactful Questions to be Considered

    It's 2021 and the world is still recovering from the major losses in businesses, the economy going all-time low, and a lot of stuff. But, what’s accelerated in the tough times is the usage of technology and the urge to value customers more than ever! Amidst the hustle, are the brands ready for a comeback?If it’s a yes then another question strikes in, how? Today there’s nothing more important than letting your customers...

  • Which Type of Loyalty Program is a Killer Strategy for your Brand?

    Finding the right success strategy for your business is a hard shell to crack and if you’re a retail marketer, there are fair chances of you being thinking about the best-suited loyalty programs. Yes, Loyalty Program has variants and a business owner must select the one which seems the most suitable as per their customer retention strategy. According to Businesswire “The global Loyalty Programs market size is expected to grow over...

  • How Loyalty Programs Boost Business for Hospitality Industry

    A loyalty program rewards the customers, encouraging them to make repeated visits and purchases with a brand. While in the case of the hospitality industry, maintaining a loyalty program is relatively tough than others in the league.Related Article : Strategies to Create the Right Loyalty Program that Retains CustomersFor instance, if a customer is willing to purchase medicines, he generally has a trusted chemist shop. In the case of...

  • Strategies to Create the Right Loyalty Program that Retains Customers

    You must have heard an age-old business mantra that says, “Customer is King”. It still holds true in today’s market scenario. Every business, whether online or offline needs a good customer base to boost its brand value. It is extremely important to ensure that your customers get a streamlined experience because it plays a crucial role in the success of the organization. Businesses should not only keep their focus on gaining...

  • Customer Loyalty Programs are necessary than ever!

    Having a loyalty program working for your brand is not just imperative for your business but its more of a necessity! Why? Customers today are demanding, they have a lot of options to explore and a few reasons to stick with one brand for long.  It’s only the customer loyalty programs which can retain them and keep them bonded. Companies throughout the nation are utilizing loyalty programs more often than ever and have started...

  • Is Blockchain the right choice to power Customer Loyalty Programs?

    A research suggests that the average customer is a member of more than 14 different loyalty programs but, generally active only in a handful. You may not always find customers who genuinely wish to stay loyal to your brand, in general cases, people mostly look for freebies, handouts, and lowest compared prices. It’s the era of complete transparency, customers rely on the brand which is open to their queries and follow a set of process...

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