• Are Chatbots the Future of Conversational Intelligence?

    Today, customers have plenty of options to choose from and the margin of difference between the competitors is becoming lesser every day.  The overall customer experience is one factor that mainly impacts their buying decisions. Delivering an exceptional experience is impossible with human effort only, which is why automation and intelligence are needed. The answer is Chatbot!Chatbots have taken the business world by storm and they are...

  • How Industries Are Transforming Customer Care with AI Powered Bots

    Making life convenient is one of the foremost reasons why technology was developed. Artificial intelligence (AI) being a significant part of technology, has been immensely improving on this notion. The chatbot technology is an offspring of AI and ever since the technology came to existence, the user experience community is leveraging its potential to the fullest.  To make things simpler, each industry is utilizing the power of chatbots...

  • Say Hello to The Better Business Performance with AI Chatbots

    A few years back, the idea of interacting with a chatbot seems to be very new and unique experience. Today, we cannot deny the fact how chatbots are taking the business world by storm, transforming the way customers interact with the technology. Gartner predicts that the average person will have more communications with the bot than with their own spouse by 2020. Many businesses are making use of chatbots to deliver proactive assistance to...

  • Chatbots Raising the Bar for Restaurant Industry

    37% of Americans would use a chatbot to get a quick answer, in an emergency! Interestingly, 15% of Americans are already using a chatbot to interact with a company and that’s how chatbots are speedily surpassing the classic e-mail communication concept, of course to some extent!“Businesses should be available and contactable via messaging applications”, looking at the rising competition in the industry, the biggies have...

  • Google Assistant Vs Siri : Which AI Assistant Has Widen its Lead in 2018

    Voice is the new interface. The AI-powered digital assistants are smart assistants that let us use other devices by just talking to them. Both Apple’s Siri and Google Assistant, offer a completely digital infrastructure which is controlled by them.These AI assistants carry out a range of tasks, from scheduling reminders to fixing up appointments with simple voice commands. It retains voice interactions and personal customer information...

  • The Rise of Building Chatbots: Native or Cross Platform?

    Conversational AI i.e Chatbots are the new user interface for connecting people to your brand’s products and services. Upcoming years are going to be amazing for chatbots. A study by Juniper forecasts, businesses with chatbots will save $8 billion per year and is estimated to generate $20 million in revenue this year.Chatbot Developers are building intelligent bots to solve significant problems like availability 24*7, dedicated...


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