• Open Source Vs Licensed: Which CMS is Better for Your Business?

    No matter how you plan to grow your business, content is the backbone to interact with your customers and the catalyst for effective growth in almost every channel. If you regularly publish any type of content – on your website, blog or even on social media platforms, etc. having a Content Management System (CMS) is mandatory to help you in managing content accurately & effectively.With the wide range of CMS options available in...

  • 6 Essential Features That Makes Your Enterprise CMS More Powerful

    We are living in a digital content-driven world where users expect reliability and consistency. Knowing that it becomes necessary to opt for an effective content management system (CMS) which helps in delivering reliable digital experience across different platforms, devices, and channels. Beyond their basic capabilities, an enterprise CMS has many interesting features that effectively helps in indexing updated content automatically.With...

  • Headless CMS: All You Need to Know

    Many of us have heard about “Headless CMS” but not everyone understands how it works and the value it offers. Nearly every website is using content management system today to manage content effectively. Unfortunately, traditional CMS doesn’t provide good flexibility while integrating new delivery formats. To avail mobile/IoT functionality & address the challenges, developers prefer using headless.Let’s unravel the...

  • GDPR Compliance-Things to Expect from Your CMS Vendor

    If you are a business owner having a website of your own, then you must have heard about GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and how important it is to make your website compliant with it before it comes into effect on 25th May 2018. It’s kind of a big deal as non-compliant companies will have to pay heavy fines. You can look back at Kentico 11 EMS’s consent tracking capability that can make your GDPR compliance...

  • How Emerging CMS Trends are Making a Difference

    Following the digital revolution, savvy enterprises are exploring innovative ways to harness the surging tide of content. Implementing content management system is a smart way to organize and maintain organization’s ever-increasing volumes of content. Regardless of the industry, it helps your workforce to get smarter and faster in publishing additional information. With powerful CMS search engines, you can enhance online branding by...

  • Major eCommerce Trends That Are Dominating 2018

    The world of eCommerce is evolving every year & brands are carefully looking forward to new strategies. As per the study by Big Commerce, 51% Americans prefer to shop online & only 56% of online business has a physical presence. Additionally, the revenues of eCommerce are expected to reach up to $460 billion or more in the coming year, as brands embrace the power of new technologies like voice search & omnichannel strategies. Today...

  • How will Consent Tracking Functionality of Kentico 11 help GDPR Compliancy?

    With the motive to protect consumer data, the European Parliament adopted the concept of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) in 2016, which will be enforceable through the EU countries by 25th May 2018. It aims to set a new standard for consumer rights regarding the protection of data, making it mandatory for all the companies that process information about EU citizens to comply with GDPR before mentioned date. Companies without...

  • Kentico 11- The Newest Version Released!

    The most awaited time has finally come for all the fans of Kentico! Being the Kentico Gold Partner, Clavax is very excited about the release of the latest version, i.e. Kentico 11 on Monday, 11 December 2017. The launch seems to be an early holiday gift for both developers as well as marketers, as it comes with amazing features. The Kentico team has always placed the customer on top priority and with the functionalities of data protection...

  • Kentico11 Coming Soon-What to Expect?

     Ever since the attendees of Kentico’s Roadshow got a first glimpse at the Kentico11 that is releasing on 29th November, they must be curious to learn about the detailed features of it. In the roadshow event that was held on May 2017 in London, the Kentico CEO Petr Palas gave a brief introduction on Kentico11 & Headless CMS along with loads of insights into Kentico’s plan for future. The current popular versions are...

  • IT Head of Clavax took part in the International Kentico Roadshow 2017

    Clavax, the renowned mobile and web app development firm proudly announces its participation in one of the largest Kentico Roadshow events. The event is conducted every year and is organized to showcase the latest news, product updates and other insights from the Kentico world. The main agenda to visit Kentico Roadshow was to enhance the learning on Kentico EMS and Kentico Cloud.Clavax and its team believe that participating in these events...

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