• Which CMS Suits Your Business – Open Source or Proprietary?

    Developing a proper website needs a lot of efforts among which choosing a Content Management System (CMS) is considered the most important. It may be a hectic task to choose the best CMS as there are several CMS available in the market today.The most reliable way is to determine the suitable CMS that fits your certain requirements & business goals. Every CMS has a different purpose depending on the type of industry you need to build a...

  • Top Reasons Why Marketers should use Headless CMS

     As per the research, more than 70% of enterprises are implementing web content management systems (CMS) to enable digital transformation by managing the content from creation to disposal. Data is the most important asset of your business, which is why taking control of it with the right Enterprise CMS is important to enhance the key business processes. However, we will be talking about one CMS that is being discussed very frequently i...

  • Enterprise Content Management isn’t Dying – It’s Evolving

    The Enterprise Content Management (ECM) has reshaped the way organizations work. Most of us often wonder whether ECM is just fading away with time or is it evolving for better. To clear all the doubts, let’s understand why content management system is being considered as one of the essential business functions to manage the information assets. Organizations of any sizes, big or small will always need to manage their data well and not...

  • Check Out the New Updates in Kentico 10.0

    With a bunch of out-of-the-box features that gets better with every version, Kentico CMS is the only leading Web Content Management System for developing websites & online marketplaces. It is a common platform based on ASP.NET that integrates content management, online marketing, e-commerce & intranet. Over the years, Kentico is breaking API changes from one version to another and the latest one is Kentico 10.0 that was released on...

  • Kentico: The Rise of the CMS Giant

    As content management has gradually become the need of the hour, more and more organizations are making their way towards adopting various Content Management Systems.There is a player in this industry that has already changed the face of CMS services, and that is none other than Kentico CMS system.It has not only provided an all-around solution for content management requirements but it offers top notch services for every business...

  • Clavax and Kentico take the Manufacturing Industry by Storm

    Clavax Technologies LLC, a major player in the field of Information Technology industry, is going to unveil major plans to deliver the state-of-the-art solutions like web content and customer experience management provider to the manufacturing industries all over the globe using Kentico CMS system. On the achievement of the development of 500 websites so far, Clavax announced that the 500th website was built using the best-of-breed...

  • What Makes Kentico an All-Around Solution for Everyone?

    With the rise of both CMS (Content Management System) and EMS (Enterprise Marketing Solution) in the last few years, industries have gradually started to recognize their importance of the same in keeping them competitive in the long run. One of the renowned pioneers of these solutions is none other than Kentico CMS. Whether it is a gigantic enterprise, mid-size business or a company operating at a small scale, the platform has come up with...

  • How to spot the right Kentico Development Partner?

    With the release of Kentico 9, there are more and more organizations opting for this platform. But you may be wondering: How to differentiate between a project-hunter and real Kentico CMS professional? Here, in this blog we have laid out various qualities of a trusted Kentico Provider that you can rely upon:Credentials to prove their expertiseMain credibility lies in the company’s portfolio. For an organization who has handled various...

  • Discovering Kentico 8: The Top Developer Features

    With every new version upgrade, Kentico CMS introduces new features and functionalities, driven by the community and their focus groups. Kentico has given a facelift to their new edition of Kentico, covering a lot of topics and requirements for developers, besides redesigning the entire UI to better suit the less technical users. Here a key areas of development changes that are going to be a huge benefit for the developers.Modules Modules...

  • Custom vs. Pre-Built Content Management System

    A content management system is usually an integral part when creating a website, especially if the website is set to operate in the e-commerce industry or if the site is content-oriented. In such a scenario, it can be quite confusing to decide what type of content management systems to use. Should you use a pre-built system or should you instead go for a customized version? Then again, there are a number of other factors to consider as well...

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