Chatbots Raising the Bar for Restaurant Industry

August 17, 2018

Reading time about 3 minutes

37% of Americans would use a chatbot to get a quick answer, in an emergency! Interestingly, 15% of Americans are already using a chatbot to interact with a company and that’s how chatbots are speedily surpassing the classic e-mail communication concept, of course to some extent!

“Businesses should be available and contactable via messaging applications”, looking at the rising competition in the industry, the biggies have already jumped in with their personalized chatbots. Undoubtedly the big restaurant chains have elevated their levels and made it to the list of successful restaurateurs running their businesses at the top of the ladder.

The question is, are the medium and small business owners ready to adopt the changing technology environment and the sudden adaptation of chatbots for growth? Well, it’s simple, they require substantial facts and assured results to invest their efforts and more importantly a noticeable amount!

Why should restaurant owners consider adapting chatbots?

Will you ever attract customers if your business isn’t contactable for the maximum time? lucrative offers and other benefits offered aren’t into question, for the time being, your business should respond customers when they require the most, often restaurateurs lose even their loyal customers just because of prolonged response time.

Customer management

Having a chatbot for your online food ordering system leads to better customer management as it has a capacity of responding to hundreds of customers simultaneously. Bots elevate customer satisfaction and help in making more customer turnarounds in the restaurant.

Chatbot for apps

Having customers queries resolved in a go is undoubtedly a feel-good factor you can provide to the end users. This builds a personal bond between the restaurant and the customers ordering food from the same. Having great services delivered over good food provided, makes the customer feel bonded and special.

Customer satisfaction

There are considerable benefits for implementing an AI-based virtual assistant in your business, bots and service industry can together tap opportunities nobody thought exists! Giving major customer satisfaction experiences.

Chatbots are widespread

Though chatbots are quite a noise in hospitality, travel, health and e-commerce industries, it can be one of the most imperative assets for a restaurant having an online ordering system. Chatbots provide a personalized experience to the customers, with absolute low human cost, delivering a pleasant customer experience and letting them feel they’re valued.

Switch to bots and wave a hand to the new era of the technologically advanced environment!