Defining the Next Steps at the Time of Coronavirus Pandemic

April 10, 2020

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The Coronavirus is affecting millions of lives and disrupting thousands of businesses across the globe. When unprecedented happens, you must manage through the crisis and position your organization for what’s ahead while supporting your employees.

On this page, we will provide assistance paired with tangible actions for your organization to address the situation now and set you up for what’s next.

Influential Impact of COVID-19 on Operations, Commerce, & Customers

  • Impact on Operations – How to Run Business Services Effectively During the Pandemic

Global industries are facing immense pressure due to the Coronavirus crisis. Irrespective of your industry type, you must respond quickly to your customers to maintain continuity in your services now and be in a position to witness growth post-COVID-19.

Leveraging the best of technologies, build broader ecosystems that customers can access to reach out for your services.

  1. Acquire a customized software to manage your virtual teams
  2. Add intelligent automation to processes run swiftly for a long run
  3. Embrace data analytics and software engineering capabilities to provide superior customer services
  • Impact on Commerce – How to Prioritize Steps For Reimagining Digital Commerce 

The impact of the virus on the customers is profound and at the same time, the impact on the economy is still uncertain. Witnessing the struggle of businesses to meet the immediate needs, the pandemic has activated a new wave of commerce innovation. Moreover, forming new behaviors is likely to remain which present opportunity.

To expand on existing offerings and creating new lines of services, you need a reliable marketing team that can help you stand out from the crowd even at the time of crisis. For example, retailers can market themselves based on “contactless” delivery options. Businesses must respond quickly to capture the opportunity and be prepared to withstand increased loads with next-gen solutions.

  • Impact on Customers – Acing the Customer Service in Times of Change

The impact of the coronavirus outbreak requires brands to look for new and innovative strategies to drive undisrupted solutions for their customers without compromising quality. It means they need to re-evaluate how technologies are being leveraged, how the team is delivering relevant experiences to customers, and how digital channels are used to support the increasing contact center volume. Consider, banking and financial industries where social distancing is pushing customers to use digital channels for their services.

Beyond Coronavirus: How Clavax Is Leading the Crisis and Taking Your Business To The Next Normal

  • Resolve

We address the immediate challenges that coronavirus possesses to customers, technology, and business partners

  • Resilience

After addressing the current challenges, our consulting team utilizes advanced services to fix resiliency issues

  • Return

Our team creates a detailed plan to help return your business operations to scale as soon COVID-19 situation evolves

  • Re-imagination

Besides, we help you re-imagine the next normal with innovative strategies which can be applied to prepare for the future

  • Reform

Let’s be clear about the future demands and how competitive environments may shift to achieve your goals

We believe that there can be questions and concerns around our business continuity plans, thus, we have accumulated a few doubts and converted them into the below-mentioned FAQs.


Question1: Is our company prepared with a pandemic plan?

We have always been supportive through remote work models. Our team is fully operational and delivers the best to our clients while following the guidelines issued by public health authorities. Also, for our existing clients, we have the necessary infrastructure to deliver the project in dedicated deadlines.

Question2: Will there be any impact on your project if the lockdown period extends?

We are a robust IT development company that has the experience of delivering services remotely. Although we haven’t faced a sudden emergency like this before, however, our strategies are prepared for the worst. Our team is working at on-duty hours, just like they were when working from the office.

Question3: Is it the right time to start a new project?

Yes, of course! We don’t want your services to halt as many of the customers are relying on them. Moreover, when you are in quarantine, you might come up with new ideas that can protect your business during a pandemic. Acting now can help you resume services with a bang!

Question4: Is there any change in our point of contact correspondence in the event of unavailability?

Our services are digitally available 24/7 across the world. Also, dedicated project managers are always available to respond to your queries at the earliest.

If you have any more questions in your mind, let us know. Our experts will help you give practical solutions to your problems in no time.