Developing a Real Estate Mobile App- Everything you need to know

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February 10, 2021

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Mobile Apps are a super familiar name to convenience and ready to go services, while most businesses are already taking advantage, a few are still sitting stiff on their traditional approach! Let’s talk about one of the booming sectors across the globe- Real Estate, and what all you require to have a tailor-made real estate mobile app for your business.

Technology is reshaping the real estate market, bringing substantial changes to the way buyers find their suitable homes and sellers look for the appropriate purchasers. With the rising prices of the property market, real estate continues to be a lucrative sector. Having a personalized real estate app for your business can be the best decision awaiting to enhance your business and attract profitable outcomes. Well, if you’re firm on having a mobile app for your business, here what you need to know. In this article, we will discuss, why you need a real estate software, what all is required, and the necessary steps to get closer to excellent business outcomes.

Why you need a Real Estate Mobile App?

Technological advancements are a part of life, with everything going digital, the real estate sector needs a jump amongst the high-end competition leading the industry. Moreover, it is not basically about the numerous online agencies but the technological advancements that bring a significant change and urge to upgrade in order to remain in a highly competitive environment. Even the leading real estate agencies realize lately that mobile apps can immensely help the trade. Need more insights? Let’s crack the nutshell!


Things you can do with a real estate mobile app

Real estate is a dynamic sector, having numerous development opportunities including smooth communication, seamless task management, and building strong bonds with the customers/buyers also can be categorized as relationship management. The real estate agents managing multiple properties must be capable of performing regular activities such as customer database management, market analysis, data verification, maintaining contacts, and much more! Mobile apps for real estate business should target facilitating customers with their desired outcomes and let them find the right options to search properties, contact sellers, and enhance the client’s experience altogether. Here’s how a real estate software app can help you in sorting the management!

Elevating Customer Experience

Buying properties may it be a commercial one or a residential one, can be the greatest purchase of a person’s life, spending all the savings or staying in debt for years long. Buyers today do not have to be wanderers, rushing to visit places, following up with the brokers, and analyzing the vicinity one by one. However, today buyers are more convenience-oriented, looking for better services right on a click! Apps are here! The real estate industry just got a makeover with smart and handy mobile apps to search properties, analyze the locations, and go for virtual tours instead of roaming house to house. Well, the buyers might have an array of benefits but, what does a seller get through having a smart app in action –

  • Providing user-friendly experience
  • Access to customer data on the go
  • Staying in conversation with the buyer from anywhere
  • Greater engagement
  • Extended market reach
  • The enhanced property viewing experience
  • Complete personalized experience

With the availability of the necessary information at their fingertips, homebuyers are equipped with better preferences and a way better options to stay on the top of property listings, alongside this, they can even have a virtual tour of their desired properties and swiftly make comparisons between whatever they keep as their potential buying options.

Leveraging Data

As per a report by the National Association of Realtors, 76%of all buyers found a home on a mobile device and 17% of all buyers found an agent a similar way! Another interesting fact being, 58% of millennials, 46% of gen x and 33% of baby boomers home buyers found a property on mobile. Today in the technology-oriented, convenience longing era, the generation is interested in investing in properties, therefore the real estate agents are more likely to fulfill customer demands and let them have a better time finding their desired option. Buyers require 24/7 support and instant answers to their queries, here’s what’s common-

  • Buyers need detailed information about the properties (more than the basic ones listed) including parking facility, how old is the property, etc.
  • Clear images showing complete property details. These images must cover the widest angles and all details which buyers would like to check.
  • Easy accessible virtual tours to let the buyers have a complete look at the property, find the relevant information and explore as much they need. 80% of home sellers prefer making use of drones for advertising their properties and allowing home buyers a wide view of the property and nearby area without marking a visit.
  • Buyers need to filter properties as per their preferences in order to save time. while it could be great if they have an option to select favorite properties and filter out the best ones for the final comparison.

Having an app with all the required features is a necessity! While serious buyers might then wish to establish contact with the sellers. Apps not just provide numerous benefits for the buyers but gets a sorted approach for the sellers too!

Enhanced Marketing

Anything not marketed, have lesser chances of being sold! Mobile apps have the uncanny ability to collect and analyze consumer data. This not just allows individuals to find the right property option as per their filtered needs but also provides a personalized experience. For real estate agents, it’s quite imperative to flow information in the best possible way. With the help of demographic, contextual, and behavioral data, realtors can filter and sort app users and target the right audience through the best possible marketing strategies. Now, what does this data do? Demographic data helps in identifying who’re the users, contextual data identifies which device is being used, the location where the user exists. The behavioral data are the real-time insights to display more properties based on their earlier searches or preferences. These aspects can facilitate in providing customers an excellent experience and elevate their marketing strategies through clear and precise insights. Moreover, it also allows the real estate agent to support their customers while searching properties, especially the super-selective audience which a long list of specifications. Realtors with a feature enriched mobile app and the right technology tools are great at meeting their customer’s requirements!

Don’t believe us? Check the Biggies!

Though we have repeated the statement of how real estate apps are a superfood to all the longing buyers and sellers, we still can’t get enough of flowing the good things about having an app at work! Real estate apps let the agents can easily manage listings, streamline operations, track expenses and optimize marketing campaigns and simplifying transaction management, etc.

Here are a few names in the real estate market, you can idolize!


Zillow app specializes in buying, selling, renting, financing, remodeling, and much more! With Zillow, everything seems easier! People can find homes quickly by entering the address or use their smartphone’s GPS. The app allows searching through maps, various filters for better search and gather necessary information about the property. Through the advanced filter, users can also hide the listed properties they’re not interested in, find foreclosure property listings and also connect with the bank-owned properties. Zillow is not just a home search app, it offers a way beyond-

  • Zillow rentals for the ones looking to lease their property
  • Zillow mortgages to help to calculate the mortgage amount
  • Home Loans to providing help in acquiring loans
  • Zillow premier agent to find the right agent for the users is a leading name in the real estate industry wherein the users have access to a wide range of listed properties and the most accurate listings. Being an official search portal of the National Association of Realtors, the app works closely with the Multiple Listing System, through which individuals can quickly obtain comprehensive data quicker in comparison to other leading brands. Here’s why is a great choice

  • Smart classification of costs of the properties where you like along the costing of the areas in the vicinity for better cost clarification
  • It’s a really interesting feature that lets the users filter listings for matching the time preferences—the time they wish to spend from their work to home travel. Their traffic toggle offers commute times with and without traffic.
  • By providing interactive pictures, it enhances the user’s browsing experience, focusing on detailed learning and creating highly personalized experiences.


The app offers a great feature of exploring neighborhoods on a smart map, whether on a mobile app or using the desktop version. Individuals can browse through the nearby properties and have a look at the area in vicinity with the help of pictures, drone footages, resident reviews and a lot more. It also allows sharing necessary information about the shortlisted properties with your friends and family for finding the suitable property. By providing meaningful insights about the real estate, the app lets the users have a better experience while purchasing properties and ease in shortlisting through imperative filters for locating properties and stay aligned with necessary requirements.

One of the best app feature is the great ability to make use of the built-in GPS on a smartphone to identify homes for sale and rent in the vicinity. As the users are easily able to walk through the nearby areas, they can surely discover their point of interest, facilities, recently sold homes and average pricing.


Redfin is a well-designed real estate search engine. It’s an all-set brokerage firm offering services online as well as through handy mobile applications. Users can also search properties by filtering upcoming auctions and get an idea of what sort of properties are there in the vicinity.  The app offers an online map based real estate search for the interested buyers. Additionally, it speeds up the leverage the process through a customized search. It also provides detailed insights on every listed property, further helping the users to checkout the right property and contact the agents when and where required.

What’s the Cost of developing a Real Estate App?

Though the pricing depends on the features and the market where your app development is taking place. Following are the three main things the real estate mobile app development depends on-

  • Features Set
  • Technologies
  • Hourly rate of the development company you’re hiring

Taking the average hourly rate of $20 (random pick), here’s a breakdown of the estimated cost associated with developing a real estate app-


Final Thoughts

An app can constantly enhance user experience and bring in better possibilities for smarter business outcomes. A high-quality real estate mobile app can provide an edge above the competition and let the brands have a better user base. With the right approach, real estate mobile applications can automate and streamline operations instantly. Get your real estate mobile app development in place and get going!