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Discover Top 10 popular Node.js Frameworks that will Dominate in 2020

As digital is transforming industries at a rapid speed, developers are opting for smart and new technologies for their web development requirements. Since the launch, Node.js and its frameworks are getting extreme popularity as it brings a lot of advantages and features for development. Before we move forward, let’s understand

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What is Node.js?

It is a cross-platform run-time environment that is generally used to build fast and scalable server-side applications. It is an ideal option for small projects especially for real-time editing type apps where users can view and edit the document at the same time as Google Docs. Technically, it is not a framework, it is a development platform with several frameworks that run on top of it. More than a full-fledged server, it is a foundation upon which developers can add libraries and workhorse connectors to quickly set up a dynamic web server.

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Benefits of working with Node.js

  • Easy Scalability

One of the key advantages of using Node.js is that you can easily scale applications both in horizontal as well as vertical directions. Also, it offers extra resources during the vertical scaling of the application thus, it becomes highly efficient and offers smart options than other JavaScript servers.

  • High Performance

Node.js interprets JavaScript code via the Google V8 JavaScript engine that makes it easier and faster to implement the code. Due to its runtime environment, it successfully supports non-blocking I/O operations. Leveraging its capabilities of full-stack JavaScript, Node.js is beneficial for both client and server-side applications.

  • Active Support of Large Community 

Node.js have a large and active community of developers that continuously contributes towards its further development and improvement. There are a few developers in the community who are supported by JavaScript programmers thus, provide easy-to-use solutions in GitHub.
To reap out maximum advantages, hire a dedicated Node.js developer who can suggest you the right framework to grow your business at scale.

List of the best 10 Node.js Frameworks that are used by developers worldwide.

  1. Express.js

Express.js is the best Node.js framework 2020 and considered as a prime section of diverse developers due to its excellent architecture and performance. Known for its speed, flexibility, and dynamic set of features, Express.js is suitable for building both mobile and web applications.

  • It is an open-source platform for web development which offers high-quality performance to its users
  • It has a large community you can easily get rid of any problem during the development phase
  • Stream large files and get stronger support on both frontend and backend with Express.js
  • It supports robust API, fast I/O, 14+ template engines that offers great performance
  1. Hapi.js

One of the commercial centered server frameworks, Hapi.js is an open-source framework that helps to develop REST (representational state transfer) APIs, besides other software applications. The chief advantage of using Hapi.js is that users can use it with MySQL and MongoDB to create potential static websites.

  • It comes with different plugins that allow users to enjoy social networking applications efficiently

  • Hapi.js is fast and smart while fixing bugs and adding the latest features thus reduces development time

  • While developing HTTP proxy applications, Hapi.js is used to forward requests from its main API to other sources.

Hapi.js Versus Express.js

With a comparison of Express.js, Hapi.js is relatively new however, handle any task internally without the support of middleware.
Hapi.js has an inbuilt system to handle cookies and in Express.js framework, cookies are configured by making use of the server.

  1. Nest.js

Nest.js is a progressive Node.js framework used for developing reliable, scalable, and flexible server-side applications. It provides an adaptable ecosystem and fully-fledged backbone to bring mature solutions to the world. It uses TypeScript that is a superset of JavaScript, offering multiple benefits over other frameworks.

  • Thanks to its modular architecture, users can use external libraries that makes development easier and convenient

  • It also has common features with Express.js thus, it builds scalable, manageable, and, loosely linked applications seamlessly

  • With Nest CLI (command-line interface) users can easily implement unique features which are not even in the box

  1. Sails.js

An MVC framework, Sails.js is a popular Node.js backend framework that allows you to create modern and enterprise-grade Node.js applications in no time. Users can use the framework to build real-time features like live chat. It works well with Angular.js as it is compatible with diverse front-end frameworks. Using the Sails.js framework, you should be able to automatically generate Rest APIs from your models, form MVC structures, support multiple databases, and perform an agnostic frontend.

Which type of projects should be developed with Sails.js?

Sails.js is best suited for

  • Data-heavy enterprise-grade apps

  • Chat rooms

  • Real-time toolbars

  • Multiplayer games, etc.

  1. Adonis.js

Successfully securing the fifth position in the list of most popular Node.js frameworks, Adonis.js provides smart tools to keep your websites secure from common web attacks. The framework has similar functionalities to a popular PHP framework – Laravel. It creates efficient SQL queries which are based on active record idea.

Advantages of JavaScript Over PHP

Speed - Client-side JavaScript is faster as it runs immediately within the client-side browser. It is unhindered by network calls to a backend server until outside resources are required.

Extended Functionality – To extend its functionality, JavaScript developers can use third-party add-ons like Greasemonkey

Interoperability & Popularity – Unlike PHP or SSI scripts, JavaScript can be easily integrated into other web pages regardless of the file extension.  Besides, it can be implemented inside the scripts that are written in other languages Perl and PHP.

In recent years, JavaScript is used everywhere on the web. Most of the projects on StackOverflow and GitHub are using JavaScript than PHP thus, shows that it has gained a lot of traction in the industry.

  1. Meteor.js

Meteor.js is a renowned Node.js framework for rapid software development. It is made up of a collection of libraries and packages which makes it flexible thus, requires less code to develop advanced applications. It commonly used to develop web or cross-platform mobile apps for both iOS and Android. Here are a few benefits of using Meteor.js over other frameworks especially during mobile app development.

  • It helps you build real-time applications

  • Meteor.js simplifies the development process by allowing you to build & manage frontend, backend, and database with JavaScript

  • It has an extremely supportive community and optimized according to developers’ need

  • Easier to migrate from web apps into smartphone apps with this framework

  1. Koa.js

A future-proof JavaScript Middleware framework, Koa.js aims to be a smaller and robust foundation for web applications and APIs. It is a lightweight and scalable Node.js framework which allows you to ditch callbacks and increases error-handling. Moreover, it offers elegant suite methods that make scripting faster and enjoyable.

Comparison: Koa.js vs Express.js vs Hapi.js

Koa is a small yet impressive Node.js framework that enables users to work on different browsers seamlessly. With this, you can create web applications from scratch, upon request and without unwanted materials.
Express.js is the most flexible framework in Node.js that provides various functions to build single or multiple page apps and hybrid web applications.
Hapi.js is used for complex projects and comes with a powerful plugin system that lets developers add new features and fix bugs at a rapid pace.

  1. LoopBack.js

One of the highly extensive Node.js and TypeScript frameworks, LoopBack.js is used to develop APIs and microservices. It has full-stack JavaScript framework capabilities thus enable developers to develop backend, share the code, and create services on the client-side. It automatically generates API code which makes designing and testing easier, allowing developers to focus on user experience and business logic. Moreover, it makes data integration a breeze as it is supported by several database connectors like Oracle, SQL Server, MongoDB, and MySQL Legacy.

  1. Total.js

Total.js is an amazing Node.js framework that is used to create feature-rich applications, e-commerce, and real-time applications. It has a collection of libraries and packages, allowing you to build complex and stable applications without any dependencies. Its latest version Total.js v3 brings great features and offers good backend compatibility. Bundles are one of the best features of the latest version of the Total.js framework. Due to this functionality, you can expect a cleaner look and easy maintenance of the project.

  1. Derby.js

The MVC framework, Derby.js allows developing real-time and collaborative applications that run swiftly on both Node.js and browsers. It includes a powerful data synchronization engine that automatically syncs data across servers, browsers, and databases. The applications build with Derby.js load immediately and are indexed by search engines.

Closing statement

Selecting the right Node.js framework relies on the type of website or mobile app you want to develop. The above-mentioned Node.js frameworks help you in staying ahead in the competition in 2020. Hire us as your reliable web development partner to choose and develop your project with the best framework suiting your business needs.

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