Emerging Need of Big Data Solutions in 2017

March 20, 2017

Reading time about 3 minutes

Within a very short period of time, the concept of big data has evolved from being a hot discussion topic to playing an essential role across the business world. As Big data is capable of mining data to gain better insights, it has completely transformed the way business work by enhancing sales and engaging more customers. In 2016, many organizations using big data solutions were able to increase revenue as well as productivity with lower risk. The systems supporting huge volumes of both structured and unstructured data will continue to rise that means there will be more demand for big data solutions in 2017.

As businesses look for big data analytic solutions to uncover insights from data, here are some of the top big data trends to watch in 2017:

  • Collaboration of IoT

The goal of big data will expand over the time with the vision where digital data entered by people and data from machines will be aggregated that will transform how business works. The team of Big data and analytics will need to assist organizations in achieving these data aggregation goals that incorporate Internet of Things(IoT) data.

  • More dark data usage

The information collected & stored during regular business work, which was failed to use for some reasons is called dark data. That’s why these data tend to be unanalyzed. It is important in terms of big data analytics because it may contain undiscovered and important insights that could help in the growth of the business goals.

  • Data Security Permissions

The data warehouses & repositories using big data aims to make users use the same data without the ability to access all of it. The stronger data access permissions will ensure that every data user has correct access permissions, which will lower the cases of data exfiltration by users & avoid illegal usage of data.

  • Cloud-driven big data solutions

Several organizations are moving most of their applications to cloud & out of the data center in order to reduce cost and enhance greater flexibility. The difficulty in finding talent to run in-house Hadoop clusters & processing is also one of the main reasons to go to cloud services providers offering big data processing platform.

  • Actionable Analytics Results

Though big data analytics will help to gain insights from data, which will eventually help in making better decisions, managers and executives are looking for analytics that provides immediate actionable data. The IT companies need to work more to deliver such data faster and to focus more big data activities on real-time.

We are definitely moving towards a completely new era in terms of big data analytics & its demand will remain high in 2017 and in future as well. If you haven’t started using big data for your business, you might be losing many opportunities to gain more revenue & productivity. At Clavax, we offer the best data analytic solutions that will help in refining your company data for higher business growth. In order to retain innovation & growth, companies need to leverage big data analytics solutions to its full extent to make 2017 a grand success across industry verticals.