Excellent Strategies to Carry on Customer Loyalty Beyond Seasonality

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August 22, 2022

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In most businesses the purchase is generally dependent on seasons, sales or if there’s a holiday nearby. Offers are most of time based on season, keeping the rest of the days tough for sales.
The brands struggle during the no season times and face greater challenges when only the peak season see customers and they must appoint more staff to accommodate sales.

But will there be no solution in the longer run to deal with the tough sales in off-season or we can have something to rescue?
Here are a few strategies to consider to not just elevate brand experience but provide the brand a fresh opportunity to connect with the customers.

  • Focus on Customer Experience

The best customer loyalty management platform system always has their focus clear, they’re willing to provide the customers a positive experience throughout the journey.
Make sure you do not give a chance to the customers to feel negative about your brand. Apart from anything else, your business and tech tools must provide clear and precise communication to the customer.
Make all possible efforts to reduce any negative aspects for your customers and slowly you will increase the likelihood of your customers willing to make purchase from your brand.

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  • Marketing Strategies

Having the right plan all set for customer retention could be the right thing to do. Focus on increasing your website or app traffic through either promoting your stuff digitally or looking for some offline promotion options that can help you gather more customer attention.
For instance, if you are willing to find some lucrative marketing tactics, go for a smart loyalty management software which can provide different types of loyalty program options including cashback loyalty programs, voucher based programs etc.

  • Offer Excellent Hospitality

Nobody remembers the exact price of your product or service instead they remember how they have been treated at the store or valued as a customer by the brand. Try to be memorable, let your customer embrace the experience and refer your brand to others as well.
This can by far be the best strategy promoting genuine customer experience and setting some extensive standards for your brand to follow.

  • Promote it the right way

It is important that customers should know about your loyalty program, your website must promote the idea of loyalty and have tons of powerful tools to promote the same.
Make digital promotions through google advertisements, float your ads on social media and keep your website ready to show all the features and benefits of having a loyalty program or being associated with the loyalty program.

  • Leverage Technology

Technology is now an integral part of our lives, and it does help in building a strong business culture and find more options to attract and retain customers. Apart from just being part of a seasonal gain you can use technology and analyze customer data.
It can further help you in finalizing the right communication strategies and retention options to get customers onboarded and maintain customer stickiness at the same time.

  • Getting started with a Customer Loyalty Program

A customer loyalty program is a basic strategy for customer retention and an excellent solution to reward customers. It aims to motivate the customers to keep on making repeat purchases from your brand rather than others in the competition.
According to Accenture, more than 90% of companies are running one or more loyalty programs at any given point. Still not convinced about the need for having loyalty program integration?
Here are some stats to prove the fact-

  • Having a loyalty program integrated with a brand can potentially increase the online store’s average order value by 319%
  • 73% of the consumers are willing to recommend brands with a good loyalty program
  • Less than 8% of consumers say that rewards do not influence their purchasing decisions
  • A majority of 75% of consumers say that they will instantly make another purchase if they’re getting a reward for buying from any brand
  • 62% of Generation Z are highly influenced by loyalty programs

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Are Customer Loyalty Programs the Trend in Power?

A survey by Rare Consulting states that, according to 83% of customers, loyalty programs boost them to continue doing business with certain companies. A loyalty program plays a pivotal role in engaging and retaining customers, having almost no alternative other than a smart customer loyalty program in action.
It’s a highly competitive market wherein switching options is an easy alternative. As a brand, if you wish your customers to stick by, you need to ride above the edge.
While customer retention is not the easiest of things but the data shows that customers spend 67% more when they’re a part of a sustained customer loyalty program.
Though loyalty programs are not a short-term effort, they require generous hard work and extensive strategies to keep it going.
The main aim being, more the customers enjoy the program, the higher probability they have for staying long or recommending the program to other customers too!

Wrapping Up

Convinced enough to implement the right strategies for customer retention? If not or still in splits, find the best suited Loyalty Program Software Solutions Company to guide you through the process and get you exactly what your business would be needing at the moment.