Exploring New Possibilities with Mobile Applications for Foldable Devices

Mobile Applications for Foldable Smartphones

November 12, 2021

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Right from the times when Samsung released Galaxy Z Fold in 2019, most of the industry understood that the trend has a long way to go! Experts believe that the coming times will boost the possibilities with foldable devices pushing modern smartphones, tablets, and even laptops right out of the game. Soon many manufacturers started doing complete research on app development for foldable phones to enter the space with all preparations done!

Understanding the State of Foldable Smartphones

Foldable smartphones have already started flooding the market and the stats are the proof! However, they might not become an instant hit but have immense potential to reach a larger chunk of the audience in no time.

The technological disruption is currently a little slow but, surely a long way to go! Now, the major question is, how would foldable phones impact the app development process? On the ground level, it seems that it is just about having a flexible user experience in the mobile applications but actually, the impact here is much more huge! So, basically, foldable smartphones mean having great space for the developers for creating huge and detailed experiences for almost every different sort of multi-window.

1. The video streaming applications are at the benefit as they can make use of increased screen size to show the videos in a larger orientation or may be helpful in adding extra features in the application.

2. The calendar applications can open a full month in place of weekly view.

3. The banking application will be able to open multiple account information in a multiple-window app screen in place of the initial one.

4. Business applications will easily be able to add in much more functionalities including reading emails even when a document is still on.

5. Content creators can swiftly bounce around between multiple applications.

Design your App for Foldable Phones, isn’t just a buzzword!

There can be various ways wherein foldable smartphones can create an impact on the application development process, let’s have a look at what’s in store.

  • Quality Comes First

Foldable smartphones come with multiple orientations, aspect ratios, but, there’s one thing that stays common is the quality expectations. The users will always expect you to deliver the perfect and glitch-free quality along with the right app flow they’re willing to receive. Delivering high-quality products will always increase your sales and provide better opportunities for the future as well.

  • Multiple Testing Rounds

With a huge number of foldable devices hitting the app market, the app development team with surely have to work around testing cases. Of course, there will be tons of testing cases coming along with their part of complications with multi-window app configuration.

  • Increased Cost and Time

Mobile app development is surely not an easy shot! When it comes to foldable devices, we must ensure that the app works smoothly, quickly, and user-friendly. Optimizing the applications for foldable ensure that it works glitch-free in all sorts of modes used. It requires a great amount of designing, development, and testing efforts that will automatically increase the overall development pricing.

Aspects to Consider when Developing Apps for Foldable Smartphones

Be it android app developers or any iOS app development company, everyone seems to focus on creating foldable smartphone applications but, are you targeting the right aspects for developing applications for foldable smartphones? Here are a few factors to consider-

  • It should be Resizable

There’s one distinct feature of foldable smartphones, that’s their screens are significantly larger than any other smartphone that has ever existed. Moreover. Most of them are well-equipped with multi-window options. Being an app developer, one must ensure that the app is compatible with both the screen size and multi-window as well.

  • Account Setup for Two States of the Phone

The biggest difference between a conventional phone and a foldable phone is very obvious, for one you can fold the screens, and for the other, you can’t! While, the interesting part being, it affects the functionality of the application, and one needs to consider which feature’s they wish to reflect on which kind of screen. Taking an example, the unfold screens of foldable phones provide you with tons of room to work with. One can also use the same for providing an additional exciting experience. Thus, it is much better to allow the users to navigate with multiple fingers all together rather than focusing on just one. Make sure the app works fine on both screens.

  • Adjusting Screen Ratio

Depending on the manufacturer, the form factors of foldable smartphones are more likely to vary. Though a few manufacturers are opting for long and thin screens rather than the classic ones. It is quite essential that you can test your mobile app for varied screen ratios, this can further ensure that your application is compatible with as many devices as possible.

  • Feedback is necessary

When you’re working, you will probably commit mistakes, and that’s absolutely normal. Considering the foldable phones, they’re quite new to the users, a developer might come across multiple cases which can make them feel stuck! Make sure to have a clear communication channel and thorough feedback collection process to capture complaints and resolve them as well.

Final Thoughts

Developing apps for foldable smartphones isn’t an offbeat concept, instead, it is an extension of what the developers are already doing. Have thorough research on all the features of foldable smartphones which are relatively different from the regular ones. Analyze and find out how the features are affecting your app development process, make multiple test runs, and keep the feedback process smoothest possible. Once you’re in, developing foldable apps would never seem a tough nut to crack! Find the right android app development company and get into the discussion to get the best results.

Design your App for Foldable Phones