Guest Satisfaction Redefined: The Power of In-App Experiences in Hospitality

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June 28, 2024

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How easy has booking a hotel become after the advent of the travel mobile app?  

The ease and swiftness that customers now experience when booking a hotel room online are direct results of efficient custom app development. The hospitality industry has seen a wave of personalized digital solutions as more customers confide in the ease of online platforms. However, amid this digital wave, the hotel industry faces the substantial challenge of keeping guests engaged throughout their stay.  

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This post will discuss the challenges faced by the hospitality industry in retaining guests and how the in-app experience can improve that.    

Challenges Faced by the Hotel Industry

Before we discuss the in-app experience as a game changer in driving business in the hospitality sector, it is important to understand the pain points.  

External Platforms   

Nowadays, third-party travel partners are gaining popularity because they bring the best of hotel brands under one roof. The aggregator models are more user-centric; bringing great packages and discounts to their customers. As a hotel business, you might feel there’s no specific focus on cohesive branding. The apparent fragmentation can weaken the hotel’s brand image. These online travel aggregators also keep a part of the revenue for bookings and other services.  

Guest Disengagement  

If your hotel app just offers booking services, we guess that won’t be sufficient. Engaging guests throughout their stay is important. The online aggregator platforms serve many other queries of travelers, such as nearby places to visit, places to eat.   

Generic Experiences  

Recommending guests what they don’t require will most probably go unnoticed and unappreciated by them. By leveraging guest data, you can offer them tailored recommendations and capture their interest.   

What Role Mobile Apps Play in Guest Engagement?

When a hotel app addresses the major pain points of guests, it tends to create a strong foothold in the market. Every top mobile app development company would agree that a mobile app opens new doors for a hotel business. Let’s find out what role hotel apps play in guest engagement.   

It makes hotel bookings easy.   

Hotel apps simplify the booking process, bringing ease to exploring different rooms online and getting a better view through videos and HD pictures. They can view amenities, read reviews, and make reservations days in advance to ensure a happy stay.   

The certainty that a hotel app brings boosts the chances of repeat business.   

It engages the guests efficiently.  

In-app experiences are the key to guest engagement. Using the guest data, you can roll out the most personalized recommendations, add-on services, and offers. You can provide your guests with personalized suggestions on local activities, dining options, and local events. An experienced app development company like Clavax can help you build a data-driven hotel app.   

It integrates well with your other systems.   

One of the major considerations for any top Android app development company is to develop a hotel app that integrates well with other hotel management systems to provide real-time updates on room availability, booking status, and guest preferences. This integration ensures that the guest gets the most personalized services.  

It boosts revenue opportunities.  

By building their own hotel app, hotels can help reduce the loss of revenue that they incur due to third-party aggregator partnerships. Offering in-app bookings for hotel amenities such as restaurants, spas, and tours helps maximize revenue and reduce commission fees paid to external platforms.  

What Can You Offer as an In-App Experience?

There are multiple features that can help you deliver satisfactory in-app experiences. With every thriving mobile app development company aiming to innovate hotel apps, these in-app experiences entice guests effectively and build loyalty. Let’s have a quick look at these features and what you can offer along the way.   

1. Personalized Recommendations  

  • Local dining options  
  • Nearby attractions and activities  
  • Event suggestions based on guest preferences  

2. Room Service and Amenities Booking  

  • In-room dining orders  
  • Spa and wellness service reservations  
  • Gym and pool access scheduling  

3. Real-Time Updates and Notifications 

  • Activity schedule changes  
  • Weather updates and related activity suggestions  
  • Special promotions and offers  

4. Seamless Check-In and Check-Out  

  • Mobile check-in/check-out  
  • Digital room keys  
  • Luggage assistance requests  

5. Concierge Services  

  • Local tour bookings  
  • Transportation arrangements (taxi, shuttle, rental car)  
  • Personal shopping services  

6. Interactive Maps and Directions  

  • Hotel property map  
  • Navigation assistance within the hotel  
  • Directions to nearby points of interest  

7. Loyalty Programs and Rewards  

  • Points tracking and redemption  
  • Exclusive member benefits and offers  
  • Tier status updates  

8. Guest Feedback and Support  

  • Instant feedback and surveys  
  • Direct messaging with hotel staff  
  • 24/7 virtual assistance  

9. Multimedia Content  

  • Virtual tours of the hotel and rooms  
  • Video guides for local attractions  
  • Live streaming of hotel events  

10. Social Media Integration  

  • Share experiences directly from the app  
  • Connect with other guests through social media  
  • View and participate in social media campaigns  

11. Health and Safety Information  

  • COVID-19 safety protocols and updates  
  • Health service locations and contacts  
  • Emergency procedures and information  

12. Entertainment Options  

  •  In-app games and activities  
  • Streaming services for in-room entertainment  
  • Virtual reality experiences and tours  

Work it out with the Best App Development Company

The best foundation you can give to your idea is the best tech support. Working with an experienced Android app development company is the first big step toward the success of a hotel app. Domain experts like Clavax know what trends rule the hospitality sector. Having worked on diverse projects, our team has extensive experience in developing custom web and mobile apps.   

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