Healthcare On-Demand: Benefits of Developing an Online Appointment App

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March 22, 2024

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The need for convenience is topping the chart in every industry. Customers are prioritizing businesses that offer ease of access to a service. The healthcare domain is no different. Speaking of convenience, it’s one of the most sought-after factors patients want in healthcare solutions. Long wait times in hospitals add to the misery of the patients and have emerged as one of the top reasons behind patient attrition. Along with looking at the credibility and efficiency of medical practice, customers are also paying attention to seamless experiences when scheduling appointments with their doctors.  

On-demand healthcare apps have emerged as an ideal solution to bridge the gap. It has changed the way patients access medical care. Such apps allow patients to choose their preferred doctor at their preferred time, and even take virtual consultations to save time.  

This blog will discuss the benefits of developing an online appointment app, cost to create an app, and much more.  

What Leads to Patient Attrition?

Long queues, telephonic appointments, delays, inconvenient processes, and a lack of engagement are some of the factors contributing to customer dissatisfaction and making them look for other options. With dissatisfactory quality of care being the top reason for patients leaving, it is also likely that they have found the ease of seeing a doctor at some other hospital or clinic.   

Calculate App Development Cost

With 17% being the average attrition rate in the USA, any number beyond that rings the alarm for medical practitioners. To successfully tackle these pain points, businesses can invest in robust mobile or PWA app development. By hiring a top AR app development company, they can build an on-demand online appointment app that can eliminate long wait times, enable effective scheduling, and much more.   

Features Patients Seek in an Online Appointment App

To stay ahead of the curve and tackle the competition effectively, medical practitioners and hospitals need to automate appointment scheduling and many other tasks that, anyway, consume time and are rendered inefficient. Let us look at the top features patients look for in a healthcare app.   

  • Appointment Scheduling  

It’s a fast-paced time. Nobody has time to go to a doctor without having an appointment and faces long wait times. If a customer downloads an online appointment app, they are looking for ease in booking medical appointments. From getting to see the doctors’ details to choosing the desired day and time, patients want to have their medical appointments their way. Besides that, they also look for automated reminders via emails, SMS, or push notifications to get reminded about their upcoming appointments. This feature helps practices reduce no-shows.   

  • Patient Profile  

Having a personal dashboard with all their appointment history, medical documents, and easy upload option is a win-win feature for any patient. It’s the digital age where patients can digitalize their medical records and doctors can look at these records.   

  • Reviews and Ratings   

Credibility is the prime driver of business in the medical profession. When a potential customer downloads an app or visits a doctor’s page, they look for reliable customer ratings and reviews to make their decision to book an appointment. Featuring reviews on your app can help you build instant credibility and prompt users to schedule appointments. 

  • In-App Chat and Support  

Whether you have built a mobile app or a PWA app, providing an in-app chat bot to address user queries is a must. You can develop an AI-powered chatbot to provide user support around the clock.   

  • Doctor Search   

Providing search functionality is a must to engage patients. With multiple filters and sort options, patients can easily find what they are looking for. Be it a certain ailment, department, or doctor, they can save time and effort while making their decision.   

  • Payment Integration   

Integrating popular payment options can boost the chances of booking an booking an appointment. Various payment modes must be integrated into the app to ensure users complete the transaction using their preferred payment method.   

  • Online Consultation   

You can offer online consultations for those who have limited time and want to consult doctors remotely. This may benefit rural patients or enable intercity medical consultation.   

Top Benefits of Developing an Online Appointment App

When you hire an experienced PWA app development company, you open doors for great benefits for doctors and patients. Here are the top benefits of developing an online appointment app:  

  • Better Reach  

By developing online appointment booking, doctors can reach a broader audience beyond their local vicinity. Patients from different geographical locations can easily find and book appointments. It can substantially benefit the doctor’s reach and potential patient base.  

  • Ease Personified   

Online appointment apps offer ease to patients by allowing them to schedule appointments at their preferred time and from anywhere. This convenience motivates them to seek healthcare services more proactively.  

  • 24/7 Accessibility  

Traditional appointment booking was limited by office hours. Online appointment apps are accessible 24/7. Patients can book appointments at any time, even outside of regular business hours. They can accommodate varying schedules and urgent healthcare needs.  

  • Less Admin Work   

Automating appointment scheduling using an online app can take away the administrative burden from healthcare staff. With fewer phone calls and manual scheduling tasks, nursing staff can focus on providing quality care to patients and managing other essential aspects of the practice.  

  • Improved Patient Engagement  

Online appointment apps are a great way to engage patients. Patients feel in complete control of their medical care when they can easily schedule appointments, access medical records, receive reminders, and communicate with healthcare providers through a convenient digital platform.  

  • Better Operational Strength  

Online appointment booking apps enhance the overall operational efficiency of healthcare providers. It reduces the likelihood of scheduling errors, cuts the need for manual data entry, and perfects appointment scheduling workflows.  

  • Better Data Management  

Online appointment apps help collect valuable patient data. Healthcare providers can analyze appointment trends, track patient preferences, and gather feedback to improve service quality and optimize resource allocation.  

Trust Clavax for Reliable Appointment Booking App Development   

It’s important to trust the top AR app development company to develop a highly personalized and relevant appointment booking app. Only an experienced team can guide you through what features you need and what new technologies you can utilize to build a highly engaging platform for your patients. As a reliable PWA app development company, we can harness the power of AI and the cloud to develop a highly optimized app for your healthcare business.   

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