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Hiring the Right Developer for your Business

Developing a website or building a mobile app? You can’t always be “alone enough” for every requirement. Consider extra help as a boon. Hiring developers to shed off a little burden can be the right sword to hit for a successful project.

Uncomplicating the process and bringing down the workload, finding programmers for startup can be the biggest battle you’re required to get through. What can always bother the business owners is how much an employee understands his work and if he can deliver the right way! Let’s save you the downtime, here’s a list of the essentials to be kept in mind before you hire suitable candidates for the profile.

Essential Tips for hiring a Software Developer

1. Work on the plan first

How to hire a software developer can be the biggest question popping up! As per the recommendations, always have a plan before you jump on looking for the prospects. take some time out with your existing team and figure out the resources you require further. Professionals may vary in technical skills and forte, it depends on your understanding and specifications how you wish to filter. Get a checklist ready for yourself before you pass on the requirement to the HR. here’s a brief-

  • A specific budget you wish to have
  • The technical expertise you require (mentioning something which your existing team lacks
  • A set of questions to be asked determining the right fit
  • Your qualifying standards  
  • Ask for the examples of the previous work
  • Your growth plan for hiring the appropriate candidates
  • The list of projects the new hire needs to work on

Ensure that your prepared questionnaire is well thought out and resembles your requirement accurately! Confidently have your hiring plan and get on to the journey to choosing the right candidate for the job!

2. Know where to search for the professionals?

Shortlisting the right professional can be a challenging task, more important is the need to know where to search for. The market is wide, and you’ll be no less of options but, it's important to know where you can find the right developers. You cannot have an idea where to find the crème until you’re dedicatedly involved in the business, a lot of business owners aren’t having software experiences which can always keep them doubtful! But your development team could be the one helping out! Take help of your development team to find out the way outs to search for developers. Here are a few options to let you explore-

  • Hackathons
  • Conferences
  • Tech blogs
  • Freelance websites
  • Meetup groups
  • Career fairs

After everything else, do not forget to consult your development team, it can be the most beneficial option to find the most appropriate people to work for you!

3. Understand the importance of the right question

To know who's the perfect fit, you must ask them the right set of questions! Ditch the general interview questions such as “Tell us about yourself”, strength, weakness and how you would deal with a particular situation. There can be a few other options to ask and bring out their skills, determining if it’s suitable for you.

The imperative aspect here can be conducting the interview with your development team professional, you can be generic with the candidate and seek if he’s a culture fit, while your development team can check out the technical aspect.

4. Always look for someone smarter than you

It’s a well-known saying “If you’re the smartest in the room, it’s the time to hire someone else”. Having someone with better knowledge & skills is always a good idea and a possible answer for the question “when should I hire a developer for my startup?” hiring qualified developers for your startup is the best practice to be followed at the initial level, as a talented team can get you better business and facilitate in raising funds to be utilized later. 

5. Let them know why working for you is the right choice to make

It's not just you who needs to know about the candidate to be hired, it also concerns the candidate to reciprocate a similar feeling. Apart from anything else, this part of the interview is also very important as your candidates must know the perks of being associated with your company.
For instance, you can tell them what they would be working on, what will be their working structure and the people whom he will be accountable to. A candidate will be more confident about joining and utilize the opportunity to prove himself as much he can.
Though as a separate identity, you would have different aspects and different ways to deal with it, no two companies would face similar situations. It’s better to rely on what you find suitable and relatable.
As a software development company, you would have your set of challenges. Overcome the roadblocks and explore the opportunities to expand your curriculum and accelerate business growth.


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