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How App Clips is a New Gateway to Acquire More Customers for Your Business

A few years back, Apple introduced a phrase, “there’s an app for that!”. With continuous technological advancements and an increase in mobile app usage, Apple launched App clips at WWDC 2020.  

The app store has nearly 2 million apps, and hundreds of them go live every single day. That means asking users to download new apps becomes more challenging than ever. It leads to adding more money into App Store Search ads, traditional SEO, and digital advertising to acquire new users on the list. To overcome the situation, app clips came into existence and will soon become a smarter way to introduce apps to your users without adding any extra cost to your investment. 

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What are App Clips? 

Apps Clips, as the name suggests, are the clips of your app experience. It is smaller, quicker-to-use mini versions of the app that allow users to enjoy the app’s features without downloading the full version.  

App clips are introduced to make your app stand out in the competitive league. How? It is done by featuring access to your app depending on the location where the maximum business is carried out. For instance, standing in a long queue at a grocery store? With the help of the app clip, you can seamlessly fulfill their purchase within minutes. 

Apple releases new features every year. However, app clips are one of the most powerful features that allow your app to stand out in the crowd. These are lightweight and faster than full-version of apps thus, users can start and finish the required task within seconds. Moreover, once the user becomes comfortable with the UI/UX of the app, the probability of downloading the full version becomes higher than before. 

However, the efforts that your partnered iPhone application development company put into developing App clips decide its success. 

How App Clips Help you Engage New Customers?  

Abandoning your grocery store due to long queues is a common problem. How about launching an app clip where users can pay instantly with the help of QR code.  It not only saves users’ time but also gives them an enhanced user experience. What’s more exciting is that app clips allow you to focus on elements especially app visibility and app revenue.  

Offering relevant information exactly when customers need it, makes app clips a wise option to invest in them. If you look at the current scenario contactless-inclined business operations, app clips here too play a significant role. It allows fulfilling the transactions and completing the purchase in a contactless and non-fussy manner. 

Why You Should Invest in App Clips? 

With iOS 14 release and App Clip existence, the world will become more robust, interactive, and faster. Your audience doesn’t have to wait until everything downloads or registrations. All your users need to scan a QR code and promptly get what they need. At the same time, you don’t have to worry about app security. Customer’s privacy is the #1 priority when it comes to Apple.  

Besides, with different app clips, you can highlight multiple features of your app. It does not require extra development efforts as the code comes from code in your app. App developers need to include and share a new build targeting app clip. 

  • NFC Tags – App clips can be launched even from the lock screen. All they need to tap NFC tags on their iPhone.  

  • QR Codes – Place QR codes at specific locations to help users launch an app clip by scanning a code either with the camera app or barcode reader. 

  • Link in Messages – Users can share app clips via iMessage. The other person can directly open the app right from the messages.   

  • Multiple app clip experiences – You can develop unlimited app clips. Some businesses require multiple app clips to showcase the different features of a single app.  

Willing to Outsource Development? Here’s How We Can Help? 

We are a well-known mobile app development company that is the torchbearer of the latest technologies. Our iPhone app developers are skilled in developing what’s required. We can take your iOS application a step ahead from the competitive curve by using app clips. 


Ultimately, app clips will give companies the ability to highlight the features of their app. You can bridge the gap by creating physical gateways for users to use different features in their app with the help of QR code or NFC tags. From checking bank balance to paying grocery bills and buying a movie ticket, App clip makes the experience more smooth and meaningful. 

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