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How Artificial Intelligence is striking hard on our everyday life?

While talking about artificial intelligence, we may have an image of some robots working out and humans are relaxing, with letting the machines take over! Well, AI is no rocket science, it’s a way for enabling people to accomplish more by collaborating smart software.

AI is powerful, its smart technology has the potential to improve productivity, efficiency, and accuracy! At some places AI has even replaced human workers with a way more efficient work stack. Though, this might look like a threat to the working population but, it does solve the purpose of the organizations working on a constraint budgeting or funds.

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How AI is impacting living standards?

AI is everywhere, we may or may not realize its presence in the surroundings but, it does have an impact on our day to day lives. For instance, here are a few things that are undeniably included in our list of essentials.

  • AI can be extremely useful! Ever thought to search things in the surroundings exactly as we do on the web? Well. This is interesting! The AI-enabled cameras and tracking devices can let you see through the corners. For instance, if there’s a chemical emergency in a part of a building, while the other blocks are unaware, the devices can share the information instantly with the people who need to react first. In this case, there can be a great rescue without human involvement.
  • AI can get hospitals safer than ever. Medical equipment’ is now AI-enabled and undoubtedly a boon for the patients, especially the ones recovering from heart surgery. Heart patients are blocked with a limit to the level of exertion, AI devices track the levels and notify the nearest nurse station if any patient is running on the edge or have crossed the bottom line so that they could receive immediate attention further preventing any health emergency.
  • While using a smartphone, we interact with the use of AI from the built-in smart assistants (Alexa, Siri) and have access to the AI integrated portrait modes in the camera. Social media has become a non-separable part of our regular lives, the feed that we see in the timeline to the notifications we receive, everything has AI integrated. Even the recommended videos flashing on YouTube & Netflix runs on the power of AI, impacting human decisions.

Can AI impact our home?

Technology has reached a long way, it isn’t just a hit at the organizations and hospitals but, something which is advancing our living standards at home too! The impact of AI in daily life can be determined by the increasing of Alexa. Let’s talk about the verbal commands, it’s the modern-day convenience around every digitally designated corner. Imagine a home where you can switch on the living room lights with just a command. Your very own AI-enabled device can crack jokes, play some music, switch on the tv and action as you require to! Alexa has brought it all, with even more advanced capabilities of emotional intelligence.

The emotion recognition system is quite an interesting feature, pushing the limits further! The feature quantifies subtle permutations in your vocal patterns, the rhythms, and the urgency of your speech, and the information is then compiled when you interact with your AI system over time. Making use of the data, AI is able to determine your speech, mood and further help out in making decisions for a happier home.

Though the feature is still far to have in hands but, this can be the most exciting one out of the entire capabilities AI is able to work on!

Predicting an AI future

PwC estimates “artificial intelligence technologies could increase global GDP by $15.7 trillion, a full 14 percent, by 2013.” Another study by Redwood Software & Savio Research concluded that 60 percent of businesses can be automated in the next five years.

AI is already augmenting human capabilities in significant ways. For instance, it is revolutionizing the stock exchanges such as high-frequency trading by machines that have replaced much of human decision making. AI can solve an array of environmental problems, such as climate change and natural calamities prediction. It can take over many hazardous jobs in the future. Where several companies are trying to build a robot that can act as a human companion, and China is using AI to improve healthcare and speed up diagnoses.

AI is a stepping stone to a bright technology-enhanced era. Still unaware of the capabilities? Look for a custom AI development solution for bridging your business to success and check out the big data analytics solutions to level up your services.

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