How can your Business make the best out of Pokémon GO?

August 10, 2016

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Ever since its arrival at Apple Appstore and Google Play, Pokémon GO has been experiencing a skyrocketed popularity among the users. Well, there are some pretty impressive statistics here that are indicating a promising future for the gaming app:

  • Pokémon Go has already surpassed the numbers of Twitter users
  • An average user time accounts for 43 minutes and 23 seconds a day on the app
  • The AR game has higher usage time than other popular applications such as WhatsApp, FB messenger, Instagram and Snapchat

But for you who are new to this game, let us take you through a quick look at what Pokémon GO is all about. It is an Augmented Reality game that takes the player to the world of Pokémon. In order to catch different Pokémons, the player has to step out in the real world. The game tracks your GPS coordinates and accordingly tell you about the nearest place where you can find a Pokémon. Once you are in the ‘sight’ of the mystical creature, Pokemon GO allows you to ‘catch it’ in the picture. They can be located in places near you such as historical markers, city centers, malls, monuments, and stores. Moreover, anyone can reach out to fill a form and make a request to become a Pokéstop.

So you must be thinking that game can prove to be beneficial for your business. Off course, why not?!

Pokemon Lure

Savvy retailers are making a lot of cash with the feature called Pokémon Lure. The game provides a purchasable in-game item called a “Lure Module”. It attracts the Pokémon for a Pokéstop for thirty minutes. In turn, it plays an important role in bringing an influx of players to your store.


The company recently announced the feature where any business can opt for becoming a Pokéstop to attract that crowd. Moreover, another step you can take is to publicize that you are near a Pokéstop.

Analyzing the above factors, we can say this is just the beginning of a new phenomenon through which businesses can generate a lot of revenue. If you are one of those business owners, looking to make a great application like Pokémon Go, you can get in touch with a mobile app company.


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