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How Industries Are Transforming Customer Care with AI Powered Bots

Making life convenient is one of the foremost reasons why technology was developed. Artificial intelligence (AI) being a significant part of technology, has been immensely improving on this notion. The chatbot technology is an offspring of AI and ever since the technology came to existence, the user experience community is leveraging its potential to the fullest. 

To make things simpler, each industry is utilizing the power of chatbots and ensuring to fulfill the requirements of that specific industry. Keeping up with the latest trends, a few industries use Chatbot Solutions for Facebook to reach more customers, however, some industries enjoy more benefits by building customized AI-powered bots. 

Here are the top-notch industries that are transforming customer experiences with the help of AI-enabled chatbot services: 

1. Shape the World of Online Shopping with E-commerce Bots 

With everyday increasing competition in the e-commerce industry, it is important to have a smarter marketing strategy and act faster at it. Chatbots play a dynamic role in acting as an initial touch-point between the buyer and the merchant. By offering 24*7 assistance, the bots can help in various business purposes like, 
• To complete a buyer’s purchase
• To resolve customer queries regarding products and services
• To up-sell and cross-sell
•To gather information of buyers and send personalized messages, improving their shopping experiences
Imagine the convenience of exploring products, selecting the right sizes, and completing the payment, all through a Facebook Messenger conversation. E-commerce/Retail Chatbots makes it possible for you and helps your customers to shop anytime, anywhere.

2. Let Manufacturers Stand Out with Technology Advancements

Manufacturing organizations from all over the world are looking forward to deploying chatbots and drive rapid efficiencies. A reliable Chatbot Development Company offers smart manufacturing chatbots that can simplify workflows, improve customer service and increase employee productivity. In the manufacturing industry,
• Bots can take customer requests and helps in processing orders successfully
• Bots can answer queries about pending orders and current inventory 
• Bots enable to keep an effortless track of stock inventory, shipping notifications, and purchase orders
With quick answers to customer queries, you can reduce the need to interrupt specialists thus let them focus on other complex business issues.

3. Assist your Potential Leads with Real Estate Chatbots

Undoubtedly, like all other industries, AI-powered chatbots are flipping the real-estate industry on its head. Chatbots are not developed to replace the real-estate agents, they are here to assist them with relevant information about properties. With a real estate chatbot, 
• You can provide reliable information round-the-clock, without a miss
• You can collect information from potential leads and help them in searching properties according to location, type of house required, and amenities required. 
• You can smartly request website visitors to subscribe newsletter, contact a property agent for more information, fill up the contact form and more

No matter which business you are dealing in, customer service plays an important role. Now most buyers and sellers are digitally active, it is logical to implement chatbots in real estate as it can help in building sales funnel in a brief time.

4. Healthcare Bots are Money-Savers for Hospitals and Clinics

Chatbots are truly bringing about a major paradigm shift in the healthcare industry. With increasing smartphone utilization and adoption of healthcare applications, the mission of chatbot is to provide immediate assistance to people who are seriously ill and later can be transferred to medical professionals. It not only saves the doctor’s time but also let people get primary care and emergency first aid. The unique advantages of healthcare bots are:
• It provides answers to all general medical FAQ’s that crop up before/during/after treatment
• It offers instant drug information including active ingredients, indications, and contraindications as well as alternative medicines
• It becomes faithful assistance in the pocket of patients which helps them in scheduling appointments, managing test results, issue reminders and even initiate medication refill
Healthcare industry is leaping ahead relying more and more on automation and technologies like chatbots are expected to improve human care and how patients get attended to in hospitals and clinics.

From streamlining customer service to reducing service costs, chatbots are making business processes easier than ever before. Bots provide better user interaction, resulting in higher customer retention, usage rates, and creating new revenue opportunities. 

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