How IoT Will Revolutionize Mobile App Development?

January 12, 2018

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Mobile apps are becoming an essential part that has enhance every phase of our lives. As per the study, 90% of the time spent on mobile devices are consumed using mobile apps. Many successful companies are making use of Internet of things (IoT) to a huge extent while developing mobile apps. One of the best examples of IoT & Mobile app collaboration is Wi-Fi enabled thermostat where the thermostat is the IoT endpoint & app acts as a remote to control the device. By connecting IoT devices to a smartphone, we can have a complete control of the features that come with multiple machines or gadgets.

Here are the top ways on how IoT will revolutionize the development of mobile apps for business:

  • Highly Adaptable

Apps need to be highly adaptable as per changing needs to stay relevant in the smart era of today, as it will become obsolete without the implementation of tech trends like the ability to connect with smart things around us using IoT.

  • Focus on Thing’s Functionality

Rather than focusing on the app’s function, developers need to focus on the function of thing or device that it’s trying to integrate with. Having an in-depth understanding of the thing’s technology is a must before building the app that can control it.

  • Use third-party software

The app can be built using a ready-made IoT platform that can communicate with smart objects to minimize the development time. Various third-party platforms like Arduino, Raspberry PI, Intel Galileo, etc. are available in the market.

Hiring one developer for all purposes like iOS, Android, IoT, etc. will not work in case of developing IoT-enabled apps, as enterprises need to hire at least one IoT developer that has a good knowledge in IoT for a unified IoT platform.

  • Advanced Security

As apps will be connected to the smart objects, there is a high chance of criminals having more endpoints to target than before. To avoid cyber-attacks, developers must use high-security strategies to keep up with the evolving securing environment.

With the evolution of IoT, many intelligently-connected devices are available in the market today that has enabled a new era of life-changing services. Implementing IoT technology in mobile apps helps to boost the connection between the people all over the world, as information is transmitted through integrated sensors & received by the app in real time. The process of mobile app development with latest technology trends like IoT will revolutionize not only the mobile world but also gives more power in the hands of customers & more business for organizations.


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