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How Much Does It Cost to Develop a FinTech App?

FinTech app development is 2020’s hottest trends in the banking and FinTech industry. One of the prominent reasons behind the emergence of the FinTech trend is a vast evaluation of online payment methods. It has opened the doors of opportunities for various FinTech organizations.
FinTech companies like MoneyLoin and Nubank are witnessing exponential growth with some eye-opening figures. If you are aiming to be the next FinTech future then you must hire a renowned banking and financial app development company to achieve desirable results.

There are three significant types of FinTech apps:

  • Money banking apps for money transfers, bill payments, and expense trackers

  • Apps for stock trading, savings, loans, and financial advice

  • Payment gateway integration apps that using blockchain and bitcoin

Before jumping to how much does financial app cost, let’s discuss key features that you should consider before developing a FinTech app.

1. Build a Secured Platform

FinTech apps must address data security issues to develop a loyal relationship with your customers. Security is a prime concern that helps to ensure data security with regulation and compliance. Typical security measures include:

  • A lockout after failed login attempts

  • Displaying only the last three digits of card numbers

  • One-time message to affiliated contact numbers every time user login through the app

Introducing blockchain security is also becoming a mainstream innovation in fintech. The advantage of leveraging blockchain solutions is that it records, validates, and administers every single transaction. Thus, tampering with transaction records is not easy.

2. Introduce Innovation, Introduce Artificial Intelligence

Rapid processing needs and the advent of mobile technology offer AI a huge scope in the banking & finance sector. Use of AI in FinTech apps,

  • User-friendly chatbots are an extremely quick way to do interactions and provide intelligent banking services to users while improving customer service.

  • It allows for better financial planning. Using complex algorithms, the app helps users to calculate total spending, relevant risks, monetary inflation, etc. in a matter of minutes.

  • AI solutions prove powerful in detecting fraudulent behavior in real-time that allows FinTech organizations to add strong security in their apps.

  • Also, AI-integrated FinTech apps allow efficient and faster transactions that save the time of the users.

3. Change the Dynamics of Customer Experience with Immersive Technologies

AR and VR have successfully stepped into the banking sector to provide customers with greater visualization of banking functions. Immersive technologies like AR/VR are at the forefront of customer experiences. For instance, the National Bank of Oman is using AR to help their users locate the nearest ATM/ bank branches without a hassle and BNP Paribas is using VR to provide virtual access of account activity and transaction records to its users thus take banking experience to a next level.

4. Reimaging the Future with Blockchain Services  

Even though blockchain is early in its age, integrating blockchain technology in financial apps can reduce risk in business operations and improve end-user experiences.“According to Global Fintech Report, 77% of Fintech institutes expect to adopt blockchain as part of an in the production system or process by 2020.”

With blockchain-integrated FinTech app, investors can expect, Smooth Money Transfers – Businesses and consumers transmit hundreds of dollars internationally every year. The process can be expensive and tiresome. Using blockchain technology, financial institutions can improve remittances and minimize exposure to cryptocurrency which enables frictionless money transfers from one account to another.

5. Robust Notification System

The notification panel is a mandatory feature in FinTech apps. The apps must track logins, money transfers, ATM withdrawals, and other activities. It allows customers to detect fraudulent account activity.

6. Easy yet Secure Registration Process

When it comes to a banking app, security is a topmost priority. Users must opt for multi-factor authentication for more secure sign-in and sign-ups.

FinTech apps are more efficient, secure, flexible as the FinTech industry is ready to adopt the latest technologies like blockchain, biometrics, API integration, and many more.
Knowing the features, now let’s move on to factors on which cost of financial app development depends,

  1. Type of platform you choose (Android, iOS, or Hybrid) for app development

  2. Technical complexity – Third-party integrations, utilization of hardware components, and admin panel development

How Much Does A Financial App Cost

Undoubtedly, the future of FinTech is bright. The cost to create an app depends on various factors like features you need in your app, type of platform you need, developer’s cost, etc. Typically, the cost of a financial app ranges from $20,000 to $1,00,000. Here is a list of features that require approximate hours to design and develop,

  • Instant transfer requires 24h

  • Fingerprint login requires 1h

  • Mobile P2P send requires 36h

  • Add a new payee requires 8h

  • Set spending limits 8h

  • Voice banking app requires 40h

  • Chatbot in messaging 60h

  • Push notification 10h

Hiring us a reliable mobile app development partner, our team of experts validate your idea and suggest the best features that you need to implement in your financial app for better outcomes.  

Here’s a link to the mobile app cost calculator that will help you find out an approximate cost of app development within minutes.


Financial apps have turned into a significant opportunity for FinTech organizations. With the right mobile app development company, you can run your business operations smartly and cost-effectively. A financial app offers several advantages to its users, like checking balance in real-time, conducting all bank activities with ease, and offer lucrative deals to its loyal customers. Ready to build a custom app for your FinTech organization? Talk to our experts today!   

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