How Emerging Technology PWA Impacts Media & Entertainment Industry

January 8, 2020

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Mobile applications or mobile web experience, which is a smarter option for your business? It’s an ultimate question in the development industry.

Undoubtedly, mobile applications are better. But having said that, with continuous evolutions we’ve got the latest trends that are changing the ways users utilize the technology.  One of the most popular technologies used is a progressive web app (PWA).

Leveraging the capabilities of both web and mobile, PWA helps in enhancing the user experience thus makes it the next big thing in the mobile industry.

Like all other industry domains, the media industry is strongly influenced by digital transformation. Be it an online magazine or news aggregator app, PWA is the right solution to deliver the best user experience, optimize revenue, and grow business at scale.

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Why you should invest in going digital?

Some key challenges that users face while accessing news or entertainment websites on their devices.

  • Stiff competition from social media websites
  • Limited or no access in slow networks
  • Slow loading times, especially when concurrent users are high

Richard Gingras, the head of the news department at Google and Niketa Patel, who’s in charge of news partnerships at Twitter agree that going digital with PWA was a smart move.

Here are some key factors stating why PWA is an ideal choice for media, news & entertainment apps.

Connects with a larger audience

The biggest advantage – PWAs are platform-independent. A renowned mobile app development company offers end-to-end PWA app development which is compatible with all platforms and runs seamlessly on all mobile operating systems including Android and iOS. It enables you to communicate with the global audience conveniently.


Security holds great significance in every business domain. Progressive web applications use HTTPs that are more secure thus eliminates the risk of any leak of sensitive information. Leveraging PWA technology creates new opportunities and take your business to the next level.

Responsive Design

It’s a well-known fact that users access the internet on multiple devices. PWA works on mobile, tablets, as well as on a full-scale desktop. With the responsive design of PWAs, your app works seamlessly on every device and platform.

Development Savings

Following the progressive web app trend, you can reduce development effort and time thus becomes a cost-effective approach to establish the brand. The progressive web applications perform well on both Android and iOS.

Easy to Maintain & Update

In addition to skipping the app store, PWA users can run app efficiently without a glitch as mobile developer releases app on new versions thus users get to access the latest solutions. Moreover, it allows you to avoid the issue referred to software fragmentation or risk of losing users until they start the update.

Connectivity Independence

A PWA allows users to interact with the app on-the-go despite poor or no internet connection. It caches the app data ahead of time which made possible with the help of a service worker. It offers a programmatic way to cache resources. Thus, it proves beneficial for news apps.

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Top examples of media apps that immensely benefitted from a PWA transition


A well-recognized American business magazine portal that features multiple articles and news on varied sections like marketing, investment, technology, etc. With their native web app, they were facing a few challenges,

  • Bad page load speeds
  • High bounce rates
  • Offline inactivity

The PWA for Forbes hailed great changes, such as:

  • Site load time decreased to 0.8 seconds
  • 3x increase in scroll depth
  • 100% increase in user engagement and retention rates
  • Can work efficiently in a sparse network

Twitter Lite

Twitter is one of the biggest platforms that help users to find out what’s happening in the world. It has around 328 million active users every month. A reliable PWA app development company proposed Twitter Lite which combines the best of modern web and native features. Since its development, Twitter Lite Progressive web app happens to deliver a more robust user experience with explicit goals for instant loading, lower data consumption, and maximize engagement

The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel is a highly acclaimed channel that has been forecasting since the 1980s. On average, it serves up to 40 billion forecast requests per day. With PWA, they enhanced their reach as it has supported over 60 languages that too with a single codebase. PWA has benefitted users in multiple ways:

  • Push notifications for both Android and desktop users
  • 80% improvement in load time after PWA launch
  • Launched in 178 countries, serving 60+ languages

Closing Statement
Most media & entertainment companies compete for the attention of highly mobile and smart users who use their devices on the go. Hire a mobile app developer who can bring native-app like experiences with all the best-in-class features like responsiveness, connectivity-independent, secure, and re-engageable that proves better monetization opportunity for your media app.

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