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How Technology is disrupting the Food Industry in 2019

Best investments are worth the risk and that’s what technology is bringing to us! As a business owner, you must be aware of the aggressive technology implementation in every possible aspect. The most advancing ones include the implementation of Internet of Things and Artificial intelligence, nearing a disruption for the Restaurant Industry.  

Let’s keep the focus on letting things be simple and understandable. Firstly, businesses are required to identify the technology investments which can yield an impactable return on investment. Taking an example of online food ordering system, a few restaurants have already initiated their operations in delivering food through online orders, while the rest are still struggling with the customer calls and noting down instructions to order!

The advancements are already in action but, are restaurants taking complete advantage of the leading technology trends sweeping out the manual work and boosting the ROI? Well, let’s dig in to find out what’s keeping the world technology intact.

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Is Artificial Intelligence taking the Restaurant business profit scale higher?

AI is much more than just a fancy term trending on charts! Its already an imperative element affecting manufacturing, healthcare and retail industries but it is potential to have a massive impact on the restaurant industry too!

Many consumers prefer talking to chatbots before they place a call to either order food or enquire on queries. Consider this as just the initial step in embracing technology, chatbots have been sensationally adopted by most businesses in order to facilitate customers and increase engagement. The best part of having a chatbot in function rather than talking to a customer support executive is the 24/7 availability, where the prior seems reliable and cost-effective.

Another reliable option is the recommendation engine where you can probably make smart guesses, allowing you to upsell and cross-sell to customers based on their dining patterns. It has the potential to increase customer engagement, building trust and therefore boosting customer lifetime value.

The option of self-service kiosks for restaurants is the third category where your customers would have the convenience to make orders and pay without having to wait in the line. The options seem reliable for the customers, bagging you a better customer base and a lead amongst the competitors providing similar services.

Though there are other significant developments emerging in AI & restaurant technology which includes dashboards and business intelligence in restaurants, the above-mentioned categories are good to start with a strong potential to expand further.

Why have a Restaurant Software Solution for your Business?

There can be some perks of having an online ordering system or a restaurant software solution for your food business, below are a few of them-

  • Customer Satisfaction

Not everyone likes to step out from home and stand in the restaurant queue for orders. Customers love to enjoy the convenience of having hot delicious meals at their doorstep. There will be no extra traveling cost and taxes on getting your order delivered at home or desired address. This brings a positive brand image of your business, building customer trust and increasing their satisfaction.

  • Smooth Communication

Ordering through call creates miscommunication! The restaurant executive may have missed your extra butter cake and the moment order arrives you would have a disappointing experience. While in case of online ordering, the menu is clear, and you have an option to provide extra instructions in case of special request needed. Online orders never go false, providing customers with better ordering experience.

  • 24/7 Services

Feeding your customers whenever required is the best way you can have more in the row! You won’t always have a restaurant guy ready to answer customer queries and place orders on the go, but customers need instant actions. Your restaurant chatbot and online ordering system can be the catch. Also, the management becomes effortless, you are not required to pay for an extra executive to receive calls and spend their time on. Its super-smooth with 24/7 availability & no extra costings attached.

  • Location-Based Deals

You could have better chances of getting noticed and having larger footfalls with location-based deals functionality. It’s an additional feature in your restaurant software solution which sends push notifications to the registered customer while they’re near the limited radius network. This can attract customers and spread the word with positive feedbacks.

  • Lesser Errors

Telephonic orders can be messy, and you must require something having lesser room for errors and more convenience in the way. Since, the restaurant owners are more concerned about the smooth process, having an online restaurant management system can be the appropriate solution to cut down on any miscommunications and let the customer have exactly what they require. 

Online Ordering System California is the top searched terms while finding out the right solution for your restaurant business. Get your restaurant business a digital revamp and expect better footfalls and higher customer engagement.


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