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How to Pick the Right CMS for Your Website in 2020?

In today’s world, every business is struggling to create a competitive service advantage and meet changing customer preferences. One of the most important parts of the journey of building your online presence and brand is content. The right content marketing is the key to gain a larger customer base and engage them. This is possible through the help of the reliable Content Management System (CMS). However, it can be a difficult task to pick the best CMS for small business 2020.

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Which One to Choose - Open Source Vs Proprietary CMS?

We have endless choices from basic CMS platforms to advanced enterprise CMS solutions. Depending on the requirements of small startups and large enterprises, the CMS is broadly divided into two variants- Open Source and Proprietary.

Open Source CMS

As the name suggests, the code of the Open Source CMS systems is freely available and easily accessible by the public, enabling users to update, improve and adapt to individual business requirements. This CMS comes without license fees, making it a good option for small budget companies. One of the most commonly used open-source CMS solutions is WordPress that is easy to use and has unlimited customization functionality. Every WordPress Development Company must stay updated with the latest trends to build websites with easy integration & customization tailored as per your requirements.

Proprietary CMS

Another type of CMS is proprietary, which can be availed with a paid license. These CMSs are usually developed by some companies and later distributed as a commercial project. If you want to build a high-performance website, proprietary CMS like Kentico is on the top in the list. Avail the best Kentico development services to speed up your website development and boost business growth with advanced functionalities like efficient coding, caching features, etc.

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Top CMS Platforms for 2020

There are several options available in the market today that enables you to create, manage your own content and blogs. Every CMS has its pros and cons that make them vary from one another. As per the unique business requirements, some CMS features can be very effective, and some may be of no use. Figure out which criteria of the CMS would help you meet your needs. In this blog, you will learn everything you need to know about the CMS platforms, desirable features and how to pick the right one. Let’s find out!

Here is the list of the 10 most popular CMS platforms in 2020 with its top features that can help your business website grow-


Built with the features of online marketing and eCommerce, Kentico is known as all-in-one CMS that has all the essentials you need to build a website, without the need of relying on multiple systems. Though it comes with a license version, it is worth the investment as Kentico helps developers to build the website in half the time as compared to other CMS options. Additionally, Kentico has a huge set of extensive features, robust security, and customization level, making it the best choice for enterprises that wants to build top websites both on cloud and on-premises.


Started as a simple blogging purpose, WordPress gained the attention of both users and developers within the few years of its launch. With a customizable design and user-friendly interface, this CMS is used to build a wide range of websites. Considered as the best Open Source CMS, WordPress has a large community with several themes, plugins & widgets. The only issue is related to frequent security updates and plugins that may have security concerns. Get in touch with WordPress development company to know more!


Another award-winning open-source CMS is Joomla, which is very commonly used by both beginners and advanced users. Known for building several websites and powerful online applications, Joomla is quite flexible and extensible with a dedicated community like WordPress. Since it is slightly complex as compared to other open-source CMS, it is not a preferred choice if you don’t have the technical knowledge or need extra features on websites.


Drupal is known as the fully customized open-source CMS that is flexible and highly scalable for delivering unique digital experiences that reach users across multiple channels. With the easy installation process and the wide range of features, this CMS is a great option for small and medium community platform sites. Backed by one of the most innovative open source communities, Drupal enables business leaders to transform content management into powerful solutions.


This CMS is a freely available enterprise-class CMS built on PHP language that combines open source code with better reliability and true scalability. The best thing about this CMS is its modularity & diversity along with thousands of extensions that can be easily installed. You can boost your ROI by using Typo3 CMS services that offer unlimited extensibility and flexibility. However, it is difficult to install and set up, hence, recommended for advanced programmers.


Another platform among the list of the top CMS in 2020 is Magento which is also an open-source eCommerce platform with several features, flexibility, etc. This CMS also comes with an enterprise edition making it suitable for building high-profile websites. One can easily avail third-party service by configuring an API using some XML code. Though WordPress and Magento offer similar services, WordPress is easier to use while Magento may be difficult for advanced customizations.


Launched in 2004 as a basic drag and drop website builder, Squarespace has become an all-in-one solution for building beautiful websites with over 1 million users today. One of the unique strengths is its analytics where one can collect actual data from the beginning. Having a collection of beautiful templates, this CMS is great for artists, designers & those who prefer to design their own content.


Another new entry in the top CMS list is Wix that enables users to create the website the way they want using its user-friendly interface. Though it is still new in the CMS market, Wix can be a great option for someone with coding expertise. With a fully functional backend and overall design, this CMS is perfect to build a website easily as it comes with modern themes.


One of the best free CMS for blogging & content sharing platform is Medium. With an easy setup and reader-friendly interface, this CMS is perfect for bloggers who are new and looking for the best ways to increase their site’s traffic. Some disadvantages are the poor commenting section and limited editing.


Known as an inbound marketing platform, HubSpot CMS is the best option for those professionals looking for CRM integration with all the marketing tools. Using this CMS, one can create a powerful website that can be optimized for every device and deliver a personalized experience to every user using data from HubSpot CRM. The great part is you can keep your blog in WordPress and move actual site & landing pages to HubSpot.

Closing Statement

Undoubtedly, CMS helps in building the website and managing content effectively. We hope this post helps you in finding the best one among the list of popular CMS in 2020. Analyze your requirements thoroughly to avoid investments on the wrong CMS. If you are thinking to go for Kentico CMS for building your new website or upgrading the existing one, talk to the experts of leading Kentico development company. Let’s make your website reach a new height of success with the best CMS and control your business-critical content to deliver the right content at the right time.

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