How to Prevent Cyber Security Attacks with Big Data Analytics?

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July 31, 2018

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The evolving growth of the enterprise world is putting organizations at risk of cyber-attacks that has increased tremendously over the years. Research says the rapid digitization will increase the cost of data breaches to $21 trillion by the end of 2019.

Today, hackers & cybercriminals are constantly creating bigger threats leading towards the lack of data security, which in turn causes great financial losses and bad reputation of the company.

As we all are aware of how important the business data is for any organization, it has become an utmost need to understand how to protect the information. Analytics is the key element that has the power to leverage cyber resilience.

With the help of effective Big Data Analytics Solutions, companies can deal with growing cyber threats associated with the increased amount of data generated every day.

Big Data as a Savior or a Threat?

No matter what business you are dealing with, keeping your data secured and protected against malware should be the most important task. Many big companies today are facing difficulty to sustain business growth and performance with the rise of never-ending security threats.

Will Big Data analytics help in safeguarding our data?

Some say Big Data is a threat while others believe Big Data is a savior. With the potential to store a large amount of data, Big Data can help analysts review, examine, as well as detect irregularities inside the network. The information retrieved from big data-enabled organizations to reduce the time needed to detect and resolve the issue, as analysts can easily predict & avoid the possibilities of cyber-attacks.

Research says more than 80% of businesses use Big Data to block such attacks and those who were using data analytics for their business operations witnessed a tremendous decline in security breaches. However, due to the overwhelming amount of data, it is possible that the power of analytics cannot be utilized completely.

It is important that the analytics tools you use are backed by intelligent risk insights to make it easy for data experts to interpret data. Avail Cyber Security Audit Services if you want to protect your enterprise data from the increasing number of cyber-attacks and stay updated with the advances in big data analytics.

Role of Analytics in Cyber Security

If you are wondering how Big Data and Cyber Security are related, we have an answer for you! The technological innovation has taken the world by storm and it has become a necessity for organizations to use big data analytics & perform a deep analysis of the information.

This will give an idea about the potential threats that may hamper the integrity of the company. As per the information extracted, organizations can create baselines based on statistical data to highlight any difference from the normal processes.

After finding out the deviation from the norm with the data collected, business owners can work on new strategies to enhance the business goals better. Using advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, new predictive models can be made based on statistical data.

Apart from detecting anomalies & identifying possible malicious activities, analytics help to analyze a huge amount of data in real-time to generate security alerts as per the severity. To unleash new opportunities & protect your business data from attacks, go for the services of big data analytics for Cyber Security and address challenges effectively.
Let’s find out how Big Data is turning the table to safeguard businesses and organizations from cyber-attacks or breaches.

Deep Information Analysis

Big data analytics enable businesses to perform in-depth analysis of the information collected daily, which gives hints of a potential threat to the integrity of the enterprise data. Whenever there is a deviation from the norm, new models & possibilities can be created using AI and machine learning.

Employee System Monitoring

Any organization can prevent the compromise of the data integrity of their systems by employees using a reliable employee activity monitoring system. It can be done by providing limited access to sensitive information where staffs can only use their authorized login details to modify or view the data to prevent any data hack or possible threats.

Intrusion Detection System (IDS)

Though firewalls, data encryption & multi-factor authentication are common security measures, using an IDS helps in keeping track of all the company’s traffic that may contain malicious data or intent. Big Data analytics is used in providing all the information desired to monitor the network & make an informed decision accordingly.

Find Out Relevant Incidents

With proper analysis of any kind of suspicious activity, big data can reduce the chance of security attacks that may cost a fortune for a company. Forensic experts can work on the historical information collected to get more details about any malicious incident & its relationship to other anomalies.

Automate Workflows

Another use of big data is the ability to provide multiple automated workflows that respond to detected threats by deleting malware-associated data or submitting the defect to the higher authority for further analysis. One of the key business drivers adopted by successful businesses is automated controls for fraud detection & cybersecurity.

Closing Statement

After going through the points stated above, we can say that machine learning and big data plays a main role in adding value to the organizations by helping them combat cyber threats. Though it is possible to build defenses, it is always advisable to identify real-time risks & prevent unknown attacks to occur.

Conducting timely security audit can help your business to identify vulnerabilities and increase security awareness. If you want to protect your enterprise data from the increasing number of cyber-attacks, it is important to stay updated with the advances in big data analytics. Conduct Cyber Security Audit and stay risk-free.

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