How to spot the right Kentico Development Partner?

March 9, 2016

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With the release of Kentico 9, there are more and more organizations opting for this platform. But you may be wondering: How to differentiate between a project-hunter and real Kentico CMS professional? Here, in this blog we have laid out various qualities of a trusted Kentico Provider that you can rely upon:

Credentials to prove their expertise

Main credibility lies in the company’s portfolio. For an organization who has handled various projects on Kentico CMS system, you can a have a look at the type of projects they have completed. For Clavax, anything that moves us is the word of appreciation from our clients. Therefore, we make it certain to cross the finish line with flying colors.

Proficiency in CMS Heavy Customization

Easy customization provided by Kentico has made the platform a preferred choice for customers. But when it comes to viable solutions with long term benefits, it is often dependent upon the creativity and efficiency of the developer. No matter, how efficient your platform is, it is totally dependent upon the experts to produce a marvelous feat.

Reliability for post-delivery Assistance

Kentico comes up with ease of integrating and implementing ideas, but even after the project delivery, you’ll require support in the early stages. With the right solution provider, you’ll be able to receive ‘ready-to-go’ support anytime.
Not every company, but only a Kentico certified partner can offer you these services at your bay.


There is a need of staying of ultra-careful during the finalization of your Kentico development partner. Complete your process only after acquiring satisfying answers for all your queries.

Clavax is a Kentico Certified Gold Partner in San Jose, California. We provide top-notch solutions for all your content management problems. With a highly skilled team of iOS and Android App Developers, get the most innovative assistance in the development of your enterprise-level projects.


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