How will Consent Tracking Functionality of Kentico 11 help GDPR Compliancy?

December 18, 2017

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With the motive to protect consumer data, the European Parliament adopted the concept of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) in 2016, which will be enforceable through the EU countries by 25th May 2018. It aims to set a new standard for consumer rights regarding the protection of data, making it mandatory for all the companies that process information about EU citizens to comply with GDPR before mentioned date. Companies without compliance will have to pay heavy fines of €20 million or 4% of annual global turnover (whichever is greater). In this blog, we will find out how Kentico 11 features will help GDPR compliancy for organizations.

Connection between CMS & GDPR

We know there are many features in Content Management Systems (CMS) that works with personal data of users that may include email, newsletter subscriptions or web analytics. However, when we talk about web analytics, one must be aware of whether & what type of content you need to have. Sometimes, you may need to know about the visitor’s nationality and factors like these need to be considered to access the applicability of GDPR for a visitor from any country. If you collect information, you need to get proper consent from the data subject for the use of their data & give them the right to request a copy of all personal data collected. Your CMS should be able to export data & give it to the client. The data subject also has the right to take that data & upload it to another CMS.

Tracking GDPR Consents in Kentico 11

As Kentico Team keeps on upgrading to achieve newer heights, considering the need to comply with GDPR has been one of the top priorities while coming up with Kentico 11. To ease the complex process of GDPR compliance, the data protection application has been added where the consents can be created, updated and stored. These consents can be displayed on the website wherever & whenever required. Though there are other things that are needed to be a GDPR complaint, these improvements will help in achieving GDPR compliancy. The two macros in Kentico 11 that are important for the successful implementation of tracking consent feature are:

  • “!OnlineMarketingContext.CurrentContact.AgreedWithConsent([code name of the consent])” It will check if the current contact hasn’t agreed to a specific consent yet.

  • “GlobalObjects.Consents.[code name of the consent].GetConsentText().FullText” It will display the full text version of the specific consent.

With GDPR, individuals will have the right over which personal data is collected, which will make things transparent. The EU believes that personal data holds value and it is important to protect & secure them. The GDPR compliant companies will increase the reputation as well as impact the business processes. Get your organization ready to embrace the GDPR before May 2018 to avoid huge fine charges.


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