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Keeping Business Continuity Intact Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to disturb economies across the globe, almost all the industries have been affected by the fallout leading towards huge implications for the workplace and the project deliveries. With a crisis like this, companies need to act smart in order the survive. To ensure business continuity and be there to support customers in every way possible, we have developed efficient BCPs (Business Continuity Plans) along with the remote work policies.
Keeping our absolute priority on the safety and wellbeing of our employees, our customers, and our business partners, we are using all the necessary tools needed to deliver productivity while working from home. Here are some of the effective strategies we have implemented to keep our work up and running in this time of calamity-

  • Option for Remote Workplace

As the whole world slowly moves toward total lockdown, giving our employees the flexibility to work remotely is necessary. With many effective collaboration tools available in the market today, business owners can stay in touch with their teams and keep working without being present physically in one place.
Thanks to technology, we have been able to successfully implement a remote work policy to reduce the impact of COVID-19 on people and organizations. We ensure to make employees work remotely without the need of sacrificing productivity, collaboration or security. The policy helps to check when the team is supposed to be available, how they can communicate and what are the mandatory deliverables each member is responsible for completing.

  • Flexibility in Business Processes

With unavoidable situations like COVID-19, enterprises must emerge with quick solutions to continue working with clients smoothly. For minimal disruptions, companies should take a quick review of the latest technology capabilities and invest in long-term resilience with platforms that can weaken the impact of the coronavirus outbreak.
Go for video conferencing and online meetings to achieve seamless connectivity and embrace a different workplace behavior to be ready for new operational changes. Additionally, it is important to ensure that the new workplaces are audited for vulnerabilities to avoid the possible cybersecurity risks in advance.

  • Transparency with Distributed Agile Teams

All of us are facing this crisis together, so being transparent and keeping our communication intact with the customers properly is the key to understand their needs and serve them. One way to achieve this is to work with distributed agile teams that hold great potential benefits in terms of speed and productivity that traditional teams may not be able to attain.
At Clavax, we believe in making the best use of advanced communication tools and project management approaches to ensure better collaboration and consistency among team members. Every employee can interact using the same board to track the work progress despite being away from one another. Improving the work pattern is the only solution to enhance business continuity.

  • Be Prepared for the COVID-19 Impact

As the spread of coronavirus keeps growing across the world, we need to plan for the long term to ensure minimal business disruptions. As China and other economies are already starting to recover, we must stay positive and put every possible effort to reduce the long-term impacts of COVID-19 on our business processes.
We know that the virus outbreak will create a ripple effect that will impact the way we work and engage customers, which is why we are developing a complete plan for business continuity paying special attention to the steps stated above. To survive in this situation, companies should be able to identify what are the crucial businesses and operational processes that are important to operate the core functions.

Even when the country goes into lockdown, the engineers and developers at Clavax are still active online to keep the work running and stay close to customers for a better understanding of their requirements during this crisis. Let’s stick to one another and take care of ourselves so that we come out stronger than before. For any query or immediate software development needs, you can write to us or call us directly! We will keep you posted regularly with more updates.

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