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Key IoT Mobile App Development Trends to Watch Out in 2020

With the advances of technologies growing every year, companies have been looking forward to integrating their businesses into online platforms and cater to an increasing audience. This has led to the growth of digital transformation enabling companies to use new and smart approaches to manage operations & solve challenges effectively. Though there are many evolving technology trends like AI, Blockchain, Chatbots, Analytics, etc. that plays a great role in digital transformation, the Internet of Things (IoT) is needed to hold these technologies together. IoT interconnects the devices and hardware on a single network, which are then synchronized with one another to provide a seamless delivery of operations.
Undoubtedly, the connected world of the IoT is rapidly growing at an exponential pace! Gartner states that IoT service providers will add up to $300 billion business in revenue and around 20 billion devices will be connected to the IoT by 2020. We cannot deny the fact that IoT is fostering the upcoming digital revolution that will transform the landscape of IoT mobile app development. Let’s find out what are the top IoT Trends in 2020 that every Mobile App Development company should be aware of!

Edge Computing Over Cloud Computing

Earlier, the data associated with the IoT devices have been stored on the cloud. However, the development team of IoT realized the need for storing, calculating and analyzing data. Edge computing came into existence where the data are transferred to a local device near the IoT device or at the edge of the network. The data will be filtered and calculated in the local device before sending them or a part of the data to the cloud, thereby reducing traffic to the network. Lesser dependency on cloud enables IoT apps to perform faster and decrease latency.

More IoT Solutions in Healthcare

The adoption of the IoT is transforming the healthcare industry by making use of mobile health apps and digital assistants to monitor the health at home. With the development, several medical devices like sensors, portable devices & monitor IoT are used to capture clinical data, leading to the right treatment at the right time. Intelligent connected devices and wearables can be used to monitor the vital signs of the patient’s parameters through the help of IoT.

Industrial IoT for More Productivity

Industrial IoT Solutions helps in transforming every asset in the factory into a smart & connected asset to remotely monitor the asset performance, track the machines’ location, etc. and improve business processes. IoT enables companies to connect machines and read data through which a basic understanding is gained. Additionally, it can bring machines to life using smart IoT apps thereby helping in making sense of data for better decisions.

 Better Analysis for Informed Decisions

With thousands of devices connected to IoT today, the amount of data created and to be analyzed will grow significantly. The main motive is not just to collect data but to analyze them to retrieve insights that help in making business decisions. IoT data, when combined with technologies like AI, Big Data, etc. will bring better data analysis to process all the information and identify trends easily.

Rise of More Smart Home Devices

Usage of IoT-based smart home devices is used to ease the task of the homeowners extending the comfort of home automation. But they can be now used for home security and safety of loved ones. There are many smart innovations in IoT that can help you prevent a fire in your house or help you conserve energy to reduce electricity bills. More such smart IoT development solutions will be developed in 2020 and beyond.

IoT for Smarter Cities

Making use of IoT technologies for the transformation of urban areas to smart cities will be on the rise! Smart traffic management in the cities can be encouraged where CCTV feeds will transmit vehicle data related to city traffic management thereby avoiding traffic jams. Another aspect is applying digital infrastructure to the physical environment to get accurate real-time information. Sensors can be installed into waste containers to notify the garbage collection team on time. This will avoid several waste collection trips thereby lowering the expenses, air pollution, etc.

Blockchain for IoT

With the increased adoption of IoT solutions, many devices are connected to the IoT. Hence, more data are generated, increasing the information at risk. The IoT based mobile app development needs to be more secure and safer, which led to the need for Blockchain. Blockchain can be implemented to track the sensor data & avoid duplication with any unauthorized data. Without central control and management, blockchain help businesses to access IoT data where devices send data to private blockchain ledgers, preventing disputes.

Personalized Retail Experiences

Using IoT technology, retail supply chain management can be made more efficient to deliver a personalized experience to customers. Smart IoT-enabled solutions like sensors and beacon techniques can be incorporated to make the shopping experience easier. For instance, you get a promotional SMS or email for discounts on products from your favorite clothing store. What if you get to see an inside map of your favorite store with the exact product you were looking for? All this has been made possible using IoT bringing a next-level personalization to your retail customers.

Predictive Support to Avoid Damage

The last, but not least IoT can be used to help homeowners avoid home maintenance disasters like plumbing leaks, electrical issues, device failures, etc. With the help of predictive maintenance capabilities of IoT, the problem can be taken care of with immediate actions whether you are at home or not. IoT data, when combined with predictive maintenance skills, will build better opportunities for organizations to reduce costing and enhance productivity. Another example where IoT can be used is in the oil and gas industry where they can identify potential failures & keep the high-priority assets ready to use when required.

Closing Statement
With the evolution of new technology every now and then, companies need to be aware of the latest trends to be a part of a rapidly changing world. IoT is constantly growing and becoming a key technological player in the mobile app development world. Among the latest trends that will impact the businesses in 2020, both the consumer IoT and the Industrial IoT solutions will witness great advances and there will be a series of connected devices. If you are a business owner and have any IoT development requirements, contact the IoT developers of the top mobile app development company and bring your vision to life with better connectivity.

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