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Key Technologies That Will Dominate in the Post COVID Era

With the sudden outbreak of COVID-19, the world has faced the greatest challenge that has transformed people’s lives on an unprecedented scale and impacted every industry. However, it is the advances in technology that have kept businesses moving during these tough times. As technology evolves at the time of the pandemic, keeping abreast of the technology trends is important to remain competitive & fulfill customers’ needs. COVID-19 has validated the undeniable importance of digital readiness and being online is the only way that enables businesses to continue as usual during the pandemic. With the transformation of lifestyle, people are practicing social distancing norms with the remote workplace, online classes, contactless-delivery for daily essentials, etc.

To overcome these challenges that came with the pandemic, we will learn some of the top technology trends that will redefine the post-COVID-19 world. These emerging technologies will empower businesses to automate processes, promote contact-less culture & increase productivity without breaking the lockdown restrictions.

We live in a world of smart devices that are connected to the internet. In the post COVID era, we will witness a huge growth of these devices due to social distancing norms. IoT will enable medical firms to predict and treat health issues effectively before symptoms appear using smart medication containers. IoT devices at home will deliver a better experience when people are spending more time at home.

Virtualization is becoming a trend due to the pandemic increasing the number of people who use VR headsets to play video games, virtual tours while buying properties, or any form of online shopping. These not only help people make better purchase decisions but also keep them connected through virtual conferences, project collaboration meetings & more during these hard times.

Talking about transparency and inter-operable networks, the significance of blockchain technology cannot be ignored. There are many ways how blockchain has helped companies across the globe to fight the virus. Some of them are solutions for tracking infectious disease to avail faster treatments, authenticated donations tracking system enabling transparency for the general public, a global crisis management platform for situations like COVID & many other solutions for tracking medical supply chains.

The robust tech innovations like face & speech recognition, smart data processing, etc. have been possible due to artificial intelligence. With the COVID outbreak, people have started to rely on AI to buy goods or avail services online. Even after the end of the pandemic, consumer behaviors won’t go back to normal soon. Hence, AI will be very beneficial for retail and supply chain firms as they help companies detect every purchasing pattern & deliver a more personalized experience to customers.

  • Virtual Meetings

With lockdown rules and restrictions in physical movements, face-to-face meetings are not possible, which is why companies are relying on virtual meetings with applications like Zoom & Google Meet. Whether it’s a small team meeting or huge international seminars, everything is now done online and this will continue in the post COVID world to help people maintain social distancing practices.

  • Digital Classes

Schools and colleges across the world have shut down to curb the virus spread and we have witnessed many academic firms who have started offering online education. Whether it’s online classes through video calls or dedicated education apps, students are learning new concepts using their smartphones. Not just classes, tests are now conducted online and this trend is also likely to continue even after the situation gets normal.

  • 5G Connections

With the increasing trend of remote working, the demand for a 5G network for fast download & upload can be seen. As people have no option but to stay at home for studying or working, the 5G market will emerge sooner than expected. Make sure that you have faster and higher bandwidth networks as there is a great need for frequent data sharing associated with almost every business process. This will not only help in overcoming the bandwidth and capacity challenges but also help your business perform faster & more effectively.

  • Remote Sensors & Monitors

As lockdown is still imposed in many parts of the world, travel is restricted and people prefer to go out only when it is needed. To help in running a business, remote sensors and monitoring systems will be needed to take up the role of human agents. These can be installed in remote places such as agricultural fields, remote factories, warehouses, etc. and can be controlled easily through a remote location. The wireless access solutions will help in providing connectivity between the location & remote places.

Wrapping Up

Amid COVID-19 crisis, technology has evolved like never before exploring how people’s values are shifting & digital-age models are increased tremendously. Make sure that you are aware of these technology trends to redefine the world after COVID. From AI communication, IoT solutions, virtual meetings, to blockchain solutions, technological advances have come a long way that make our businesses survive during the pandemic and deal with the new normal of the post coronavirus world. Grab the immense benefits of all these technologies to keep your business running & ensure minimal disruptions.

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