Major Impacts of 5G Technology on Mobile App Development World

May 4, 2021

Reading time about 8 minutes

Technological advances have taken the world by storm and every business owner is struggling to adapt to changing trends and meet customers’ expectations. One of the latest technologies that enable users to send millions of data in a blink of an eye is the 5G wireless network. The networking speed of 5G help in reducing the latency and boosting loading speed to the next level, which is transforming the world of mobile app development. Mobile apps have become a necessity for every business, whether you are a startup or an enterprise. Let’s find out how the 5G network will impact the world of mobile apps and help in meeting user expectations.

What is 5G Network?

Customers today have no time to wait and they can abandon an app after one-time use if they don’t provide services on time. With the ever-changing needs of new technology, the need for increased speed, comfort, and the network is increasing tremendously. Though the 4G network has done its part in providing all the necessary services, it is not sufficient for the upcoming generation. The evolution of 5G technology is a game-changer for the internet world and research says more than 25% of electronic gadgets will work on 5G technology by the year 2030. With immense benefits such as faster connectivity, quicker downloads, swift data transmission, etc. 5G technology is all set to change the world of mobile apps.

Some of the best benefits of 5G that makes it better than 4G network are-

– Lower Latency, which is good for lesser interference or delay

– More wireless power to connect several devices in the IoT network

– Uniform experience with a wide range of coverage options

What are the top impacts of 5G technology on Mobile App Development?

One of the most promising sectors that have witnessed a huge adoption of 5G technology is the mobile app development industry. This not only helps in providing unparalleled user experiences but also brings a huge impact, which we will find out in this section.

We will talk about some of the top prerequisites that all developers must keep in mind if they are planning to build mobile apps using advanced 5G technology and take full advantage to ensure flawless operation at all stages.

– Massive Machine Type Communication (MTC)

As the name suggests, the feature enables communication among machines through wired and wireless networks, which help in offering zero/minimum interference of humans while exchanging or generating data. The app developers can take advantage of this feature to manage high data compatibility among the apps without any manual efforts.

– Ultra-Reliable Low Latency Communication (URLLC)

This comprises all the features required for minimum latency & ultra-high reliability in apps like smart grid technology, advanced transportation systems & more. With the capability to provide an exceptional user experience, this feature helps to minimize the time duration for downloading apps irrespective of the app’s size thereby reducing the rate of app surrender by users.

– Enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB)

Another feature that operates best in data-driven situations with high data rates is eMBB. With the help of this functionality, the apps can be developed with responsive & engaging interfaces, which help in attracting more users increasing the chance of app success. Another way to engage more users is to embed technologies like AR, VR, etc.

Role of 5G Technology in Mobile Apps

After learning about 5G networks, let’s see how the feature of this technology will impact mobile app development-

– Higher Speed

As 5G technology offers high download speed, customers can easily download apps in just a few seconds no matter how large the app size is. In addition to the high app download speed, 5G also offers a great advantage to mobile app marketers that rely on in-app download with monetization plans through which they can earn from apps. Talking about the entertainment apps, the streaming speed is the main issue, which will be solved through 5G networks leading to an increase in mobile app retention.

– Faster File Transfer

With a greater speed of 5G networks comes the benefit of faster transfer of files or anything that can be transferred. Living in the age of the digital world where everything is done online, the 5G connection will bring a transformative impact to mobile app development as this feature will help in increasing the number of mobile app categories based on business requirements for the transfer of files or money.

– Improved User Experience

Customers are very likely to abandon the app after its first time use if it takes ages to respond to their actions. With faster connectivity from 5G networks, there will be reduced load times of the app and increased visual clarity, which will significantly enhance the app’s responsiveness as well as performance. The apps with better UI/UX experience will drive more downloads and reduce app abandonment rates.

– Lesser Latency

From low to almost zero latency, the 5G networks can make the app react faster to the customer’s prompt. The 5G network is capable of supporting up to a million devices with an average latency of one millisecond while the 4G network offers an average latency of 50 milliseconds. Using Ultra-Reliable Low Latency Communication (URLLC), the 5G network enables the transfer of data between devices in real-time with lesser network interference & delays.

– Superior Video Apps

We have seen that the different type of app categories such as Ultra HD, 360 degrees, live streaming & many more has already gained huge popularity. With the evolution of 5G networks, more and more video apps will be developed as 5G will offer higher resolution, faster network speed with lower latency rate, and smooth performance.

– Increase in IoT Usage

As IoT is all about better connectivity to all devices, the 5G networks can bring a huge impact to the mobile app developers that are focused on building IoT-enabled apps. Living in the world of connectivity with smart devices like watches, TV, or security system, we have witnessed the increasing dependency on smart devices like Alexa, Siri, or Google Home. 5G is likely to take the mobile app development sector of these apps to the next level as it offers seamless global connectivity and a smoother experience with advancements in AI.

– 3D technology in Apps

With the technological advances, the use of immersive technology in the 5G apps will be in high demand combining capabilities of 3D printing to build 3D models. As the 5G connection is wireless, we will see improvements in system capacities and energy efficiencies which will impact the mobile app development services in multiple sectors such as education, healthcare, construction, etc.

– Seamless AR/VR Apps

AR and VR mobile apps are another mobile app development type that 5G networks help in bringing a step forward with exceptional customer experience. As these apps rely on robust technologies and algorithms that need to be integrated within them, the benefits of 5G networks such as zero latency and better operational speed can be utilized effectively. With enhanced mobile broadband due to the incorporation of 5G, app developers can make use of the best interfaces suitable for AR/VR apps for industries, schools, or homes.

– Accurate GPS-Enabled Apps

Talking about the GPS-enabled apps, the increased bandwidth of 5G will help in delivering enhanced responsiveness and better precision capabilities that are essential for such apps. The

mobile app developers can take advantage of 5G networks that use higher radio frequencies and shorter wavelengths to offer uninterrupted communications and more accurate results, which is essential for GPS apps to work perfectly.

– Extended Battery Life

As discussed above, the 5G networks offer higher speed and reduced latency which is why there is less dependency on hardware decreasing the battery consumption. With the entire app’s data on the cloud, customers can access the app without installing them on their devices, which means the device’s hardware limitations will not impact app performance. The 5G connection helps in extending the battery life of mobiles and IoT devices that enable customers to interact with mobile apps for a longer time.

Closing Statement

Hopefully, you must have got an idea that the 5G connection is here to stay and will bring a huge impact on mobile app development for businesses who are interested in taking advantage of 5G networks. Though this wireless network was previously built mainly for cellular connectivity, its usage can be seen in the mobile app development sector to meet the expectations of customers that are looking for high-speed services. If you are thinking to build mobile app development services aligned with the 5G network, get in touch with the experts of the leading mobile app development company and embrace the benefits to gain a competitive edge.