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Must-Have Features for a Doctor Appointment App

In the virtual world where everything is digital, even the doctor appointments have turned the internet way. With a variety of applications introduced for better usability, doctor appointment applications have gained immense popularity. There has been a tremendous increase in demand for virtual applications due to shifting requirements and the ever-changing situations where only digital can live up to the expectations.
According to a report, a mere 10% of the medical applications have been doing well in adding practical and imperative features. well, as the percentage is already less, it is crucial to get fitted in the 10% ratio with the imperative features you must include in your application-

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  • Login page and user profile creation

The stepping stone to start the development of a health mobile app or particularly a doctor appointment app is building up the login page and user profile. The login page is the one where users can enter their complete details including name, age, gender and other contact details. Along with the basic details, a user can add more health data which comprises weight, height, details of other common diseases (if any) including chronic diseases like diabetes, high/ low blood pressure. This will also act as a unique medical chart of the patient.

  • Doctor Profile Information

Another imperative task is to build the doctor and their staff profile simultaneously. It includes the basic details such as name, area of specialization, etc. while it’s always a plus to have a complete profile comprising other details of the doctor's clinic, location, timings and days of availability, years of experience, details of the medical qualifications along with everything which is required to add some significance to the profile.

  • Option for Rating & Reviews

The virtual era completely believes in ratings and reviews. As the universal trend follows, ratings grip the trust of a customer and let them either make purchases or take services from the brand or an individual. Patients can select the doctors they would like to get treated from, on the basis of their ratings and reviews. Alongside, there can be an option to upload images of the clinic which can include the infrastructure and the modern amenities available in the clinic, doctors' pictures for making the profile more authentic and real, a few staff images, images of patients getting treated etc.

  • Appointment Booking through Mobile App

Mobile applications have taken a way round and that does have something significant to do with the medical industry. Well, taking appointments through the mobile app is quite a common practice in the present scenario wherein the patients opt for a no queue option by booking the appointments beforehand either for a one on one meeting or opting for a virtual appointment (chat or video). A lot of features can be added to make it more interactive, for instance you can offer a dynamic interactive calendar option where the patients can verify the doctor’s availability and set the appointment as and when suited. This also guarantees availability of the doctor wherein the patient does not get any surprises post reaching the clinic or hospital.  

  • Geo-Location Service

Reachability is one of the most important aspects of customers. Providing geolocation either in the app or through a text message lets the customers reach quickly and conveniently to the mentioned address. It’s always an added benefit when the location is easily trackable, letting the patient save time in reaching. It also eases the job of the connecting staff who stay busy explaining the ways and routes to reach the location.

  • Virtual Consultation

As the concept of live video conferring is in, live chatting or conversing with the doctor on video chat makes the entire process easy and affordable for the customers. Well, the doctor would certainly charge their consultation fee, but a patient's effort and money to reach the hospital/clinic is always saved! However, the concept of virtual appointments and consultation is a big success in the times of a medical emergency where coming to the hospitals can increase the risk of infection amongst the patients and their attendants too.

  • Smart Payment Options

Built-in payment options promote the cashless system which is far more better than handling the hard cash and worrying over the rest amount to be adjusted. The doctor appointment app development companies now offer payment gateway integration with the options including Google Pay, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, PayPal, other wallets along with the basic credit/debit card transaction options. Payments once done online, relieved the queue of patient registration and payment at the reception counters, it even eases the process of doctor consultation fee which is generally paid post the consultation. Well, integrating payment options can be a great benefit not just for the customers but for the medical professional and their management teams too!

  • Dealing with Emergency Cases

A medical emergency can pop up anytime and all you need is rushing down to a medical professional, but the situation does not always permit you to take the patient immediately. For these emergency cases, there are on-demand doctor applications that let you seek the nearest medical professional asking then to come over for some help. It’s a great add on if you wish to add this feature in your doctor appointment application along with other imperative features.
Medical services are raising standards every day. With the well equipped medical facilities to the best doctors working for us, we almost have everything needed to sort the health woes. Find the right mobile app development company California to get ready with a smart mobile application for your private business or for the medical institution as well.

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