5 common mistakes to avoid during React Native App Development

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December 30, 2021

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With time, smartphone users are increasing at a rapid pace. Witnessing the surge in the marketplace, all organizations are inclining towards mobile app development. However, the prime step for building a successful mobile application is choosing the right platform, cross-platform, or a native app solution. As we are approaching 2022, organizations plan to develop new applications for their business.

Organizations can make effective decision based on a few factors:

  • One Codebase

To target mass audiences, it is necessary to reach them through all possible channels. Choosing cross-platform app development, you can build an intuitive mobile application that runs seamlessly on all platforms and across multiple devices.

  • Largest Platform Support

Whether you choose cross-platform or native app development technologies, large community support helps build intuitive applications. React Native is a community-driven platform that shares knowledge, expertise, and huge catalogs of open-source components.

When developing a cross-platform app, React Native is the most recommended choice. Since its inception, React Native is becoming more popular than its competitors, including Cordova, PhoneGap, and Ionic. With the latest updates, React Native has proven itself that be ready for large-scale investment.

However, to gain maximum profits from React Native app development, you have to be cautious avoid errors. Here are a few common mistakes that you can avoid during development of React Native applications.

1. Unoptimized Images

Many app designers and developers do not focus on optimizing images. However, it is one of the most crucial steps as it can increase the load time, and even users can question the authenticity of the application.

Image Optimization is necessary as it makes the application lightweight and improves its performance. Moreover, if you optimize the pictures, you can upload them on cloud storage seamlessly.

2. Usage of Stateless Components

States in React Native are often confusing. Thus, developers make two common mistakes:

  • Use stateless components

Most developers choose stateless components to enhance the performance of applications. But stateless components do not have any local state; they return the functions in DOM structure. Instead, they should use Pure Component or React as it is a better solution and re-renders along with parent components.

  • Introduce the state in a wrong way

Another mistake that developers make is wrong initialization. With the framework, developers should use the setState() function to begin and retrieve the new object state. If the initial state is set properly, the cycle never breaks, and the application offers remarkable performance throughout.

3. Coding Practices and External Modules

Many app development companies do not integrate foreign codes. The external modules make things quicker and simpler. In addition, it does not affect the functioning of the app because modules break. Hence, developers can use external modules for application advancement and effectively settle issues.

4. Not Paying Heed to Protocols

Not paying attention to the basic protocols of React Native App development could make your application fail miserably. React Native development framework has an enormous pool of coding practices that you can follow to boost code’s readability. Moreover, not following the standard protocols can hinder the overall performance of the mobile app.

5. Misaligned Redux Store Planning

When a React Native Developer plans more for app layout but focuses less on app handling, you are committing mistakes. Redux store planning is necessary to debug app rates, manage data, and store it correctly. However, it is more preferred for large-scale projects as developers need to write long lines of code for making any minute changes.


React Native app development has everything you need to become the best framework among all other options available in the market. However, to gain fruitful results, you need to eradicate unhealthy practices and avoid common mistakes to make the best in the business. Hire a top-notch react native app development company as they can guide you throughout the app development journey. Experienced React Native app developers render you the best possible services for your long-term growth.

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