Revolution in E-commerce leading to an Internet Obsessed World

September 5, 2018

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How far can you think of realizing that there is an option to shop online and get them delivered to your home? It’s nearly a decade of getting things conveniently. E-commerce has traveled long, initiating its existence in the 1990s, to the rapid rise of mobile e-commerce, the industry is constantly gearing high.  

Amazon has been the best example so far, there is no other e-commerce giant who has been active throughout such a long tenure, introducing the first ever experiences in an early delivery, express options with prime membership. It’s the ongoing rise in the industry, which has raised the requirement urges for e-commerce website development services moving towards progressive brands switching their services online.  

With technology enhancements going through, there have been a lot of changes in the e-commerce industry, the major ones listed below :

1. Chatbots

Higher the need for online services, lesser the time customers wish to involve in sorting their order queries. Chatbots are the new sensation offering lesser wait time and instant revert on the customer queries. As per a research conducted by Ubisend, 35% of the consumers require chatbots, 69% like chatbots because they provide information instantly, while 21% of them feel that the chatbots are the easiest way to get in touch with the brands in regards of services.

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2. Mobile Apps

It’s quite a long time when mobile apps have gained the pace and popularity, for everything meant to be shopped, we have an app existing for Android, IOS and Windows phone. Introduction of mobile apps offers the consumers as well as the retailers a great opportunity to stay connected. Being an app installed makes the user updated with the daily activities and offers the brand is running.

3. Personalized Website 

In today’s era, every brand prefers a personalized website for a better user experience. A large chunk of users still chooses desktop for online shopping. A website connects people on a personal level which helps in building brand awareness and puts them in touch with the valuable insights of the brand they are looking for. The most lucrative part of having a website is proving the customers with filtered content and services entirely location specific.

4. Blockchain Implementation  

While some have already implemented, and some are in the process, blockchain has been the leading technology for e-commerce platforms. As the leading platforms have to invest a lot in maintaining data security, blockchain is reliable as it comes just with the initial costing and helps in maintaining business security and transparency.

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5. Change in choices

In a practical way, youth is driving e-commerce! Since the online market has taken a rise, there is certainly a change of choices and opinions leading to an inclination towards convenience friendly options. E-commerce has surely been the revolution to initiate change and develop different consumer choices.

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