Start-up Advice on How to Choose the Ideal App Developer

August 8, 2017

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With the numerous app development firms available today in the market, it is often considered a difficult task for startups to choose the right one that can clearly understand their specific business requirements. Even if your start-up has a viable business plan, having a strong digital presence before fully going to market is a must to make it successful. Gone are those days when we use to rely only on a website, today we are embracing apps as well as e-commerce capability. Most of the start-ups must be questioning themselves whether they should keep web & app development in-house or how will they choose the right partner if they have to outsource? Let’s find out all the answers in this blog.

Choosing the Right Developer for a Start-up

It can be a challenging task for any start-up to opt for the complete skill set in-house. Rather, it would be a good idea to outsource some part of the software development needs during the start-up phase. However, there may be some issues in outsourcing like lack of proper communication, cultural differences, low quality, etc. Here are few things we can consider while choosing the right development partner:

  • Array of Skills

The front-end web development side that focuses on what users will see, needs expertise in HTML, CSS & JavaScript to understand the three layers of structure, style & behavior. Along with that, backend development team has to have strong skills in a programming language like PHP, Ruby, etc. For Apps, developers should have good expertise in Swift for iOS & Java for Android.

  • Support for e-commerce Capability

Developers should be able to build a dedicated app with e-commerce capability especially for companies selling products where functionality for secure electronic transactions is a must for the mobile app. Also, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is necessary to get a higher position in search engine rankings.

  • Experience Counts

Before choosing the developer firm, you need to thoroughly understand their work, total years of experience and portfolio of international clients. Research says that the probability of experienced developers delivering exceptional work is much higher than those companies who are new in this field.

  • Relationship with Clients

Choose the team who has worked with their clients for a long time, since it means that the clients are satisfied with their efforts making them continue to work in the future projects. Download the apps that have been previously built by the team to check their reviews & ratings. Also, understand their clients, analyze the quality of their sites & check the position in search rankings.

  • Product Development Methodology

To get the progress of your project, you must demand regular updates. Scrum approach is believed to the best product development method as it allows customers to test their products timely and give feedbacks for any changes to the developers. Though Scrum can be difficult sometimes, it is the most useful way for developing products in a predictable manner.

After going through all these points, we can conclude that irrespective of the type of the business web or tech related, one advice would be to develop as much of it in-house as possible. We also can agree to the fact that a mobile app has become a necessity to build a two-way communication with your clients and prospects. It not only helps in engaging with the customers through push notification services but also boost the business growth by retaining more audience.


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