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Step into Retail Innovation with Augmented Reality

While many in the retail industry have introduced the try-before-you-buy feature in their apps, retailers like Walmart help shoppers to compare product prices through barcode scanner using Augmented Reality.

Thanks to innovations in Augmented Reality, retailers are revolutionizing their scanning operations and mobile data capturing to deliver superior shopping experiences. While Amazon is an obvious leader when it comes to retail tech, but now from giants to smaller companies are involved in perfecting the technology to solve day-to-day issues. 

"If you pick a technology and then say: 'how are we going to make this work in our retail environment,' it's probably the wrong question to be asking." - Steve White (Vice President, Sapient)

The experience-driven technology like Augmented Reality is an expensive investment thus it shouldn’t be added just for the sake of something to show off, according to Steve White, Vice President and West Retail Lead of Sapient.

Before you think to gear up your game with AR, you need to know how it works in the context of your retail industry. Listed below are few examples of AR applications that enhance retail experiences and offer vast opportunities for retailers.

  • Get Real-Time Product Information with AR Scanning 

    With augmented reality scanning feature, your users get real-time access to essential information about the product. For instance, if you want to know whether the product has mint or not, you simply scan it to find your answers within seconds. It enables your customers to make personalized purchases. 

    Another advantage of the feature is recently used by Walmart by turning the Barcode Scanner to Price Comparison Tool. As soon as users scan the barcodes, they can get complete details including the product’s name, price, ratings, and customer reviews. Walmart shoppers love using this feature as it allows them to smartly compare the price and quality between several options.

  •  Make In-Store Navigation Convenient and Informative 

    Immersive Augmented Reality App Development lets the user to quickly find what they need and provide them instant information about the products. It improves customer engagement rates thus increases the number of purchases made. AR mobile apps have become the smartest way to help customers in finding the shortest route to the items they want to buy in the store and letting them know about the discounted prices if any when they scan the product.

  • Visualize 3D Products in Your Space

    Most of the times, customers can’t figure how the product will look like in their homes or offices. However, with AR apps users get the opportunity to experience the product before purchase. Incorporating this feature into your app, you can reduce product return rates and makes your customers happy and satisfied. It also allows you to capture images and share them with your friends via social media to get their opinion before deciding. 

Closing Statement 

Augmented reality can be a game changer in the retail industry. AR overlays can inform users about product details, exclusive discounts, characteristics, upsell/ cross-sell offers, and share reviews about the product. With reliable Augmented Reality Development Services, you can transform any smart device into a robust data capturing tool and leverage AR benefits easily.

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