Tips to Build a Custom POS System for Your Franchise Business

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September 14, 2022

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Franchising is becoming quite popular over recent years in the market today. Many well-known cafes, coffee stores, fast-food restaurants, etc. such as KFC, McDonald’s, and CCDs, are brought to various countries & cities through the franchising method.
One of the main reasons behind the success of any franchise is efficient standardization and well-established processes, which can be easily scaled and transferred to other resources as per the need. This highly depends on a good franchise POS system that helps to deliver desired structure and consistency, which eventually helps to retain loyal customers. For this, you need to hire experts from a leading Customer Software App Development Company! But, you may wonder about the essential features of the POS system to consider and make it a success.
In this blog, we will cover everything you need to know about building the right and custom-made POS system exclusively meant for your business goals and customers to help boost customer loyalty and brand image.

Top Benefits that Franchise Business Can Get From Unified POS Systems

POS, Point-of-sale systems are the most essential part of any business like a restaurant, delivery service, or grocery store. The functionality of POS systems is not just limited to smoother customer checkout, handling multiple payment types, and printing a check. There is much more to that!

Other benefits of POS systems are as below-

  • Better Track Inventory Management by Business Owners & Managers
  • Streamline Major Business Operations with Ease
  • Analyze Data Reports to track activities & review how the franchise locations operate
  • Plan and Predict Sales Activity to Make Informed Business Decisions
  • Promote Better Efficiency & Employment Management of Franchise Locations

Apart from the points stated above, the most important part of using a POS system for a franchise business is that one system can be used for a wide range of responsibilities, saving time & effort to build the same processes from scratch on every new franchise location.
The franchise owner just needs to provide the system with preinstalled settings to their franchisees on the new location, as needed.
For seamless business data sharing between different locations, using a cloud-based POS system can be very beneficial to understand and turn on for franchisees.
A single cloud POS system is enough to simplify processes for both sides, ensuring an enhanced onboarding experience and a higher level of coordination between multiple locations.

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Best Features to Be Kept in Mind While Building Franchise POS Systems

If you are planning to build a POS system that can help your franchise business operations go smoothly, a few aspects must be considered.
Let’s check them out in the below section where we have shortlisted the most important features for franchise POS.

  • Access Data from Shared CRM

Every business needs basic customer relationship management features that are available in most types of POS software. But when you deal with multiple stores and restaurants of the same brand, it is best for multiple franchisees to have common access to the client base.
You can even leverage joint business data to understand the behavior and patterns of clients from different locations of your franchise business.
From the insights collected from this data, you can plan and create custom marketing campaigns, build a new loyalty program and even come up with a new discount & offers a plan.

  • Real-Time Management of Orders

A very common and beneficial feature of the POS system, which is applicable for both stores and restaurants, is order management which offers real-time access to data. In many food joints, POS is used to keep track of orders, and manage & send them to the kitchen timely.
However, in the case of franchise businesses, the POS system enables waiters to follow up with kitchen staff, deliver orders without errors & make sure that every order is delivered to customers in the shortest time possible.
Additionally, when food delivery agents are involved, POS help to synchronize their movements with the order preparation speed & kitchen capacities.

  • Timely Inventory Management

We often faced inefficient inventory management at multiple stores. With a POS system, businesses can automate their tracking of inventory for multiple to promote better efficiency. This also helps in managing employees’ time and efforts more productively.
When we talk about restaurants and fast food stores, POS helps in keeping check whether the necessary ingredients in the kitchen are available or not to provide all the items on the menu and lack of any dish may lead to disappointment from the customer side.
Additionally, it is important to ensure that we monitor storage conditions and time so that no food products are spoiled.

  • Multiple Payment Support

Your POS should be able to accept different types of payment as cash is no longer preferred by many customers today. More contactless payment methods are increasing such as Apple Pay, Google Pay & other payment modes.
Make sure that your POS doesn’t disappoint anyone with a different preferred payment model and that any customer pay in whatever means they wish during billing.
Also, ensure your POS system has all the desired features to generate digital receipts for easy verification of food orders rate by customers and seamless payment.

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  • Exclusive Loyalty Program

Another important aspect that POS must add is a custom-made loyalty program to launch exclusive offers for regulars, seasonal discounts, or sales to help in building relationships with customers and make them your brand advocates.
For a franchise business, this allows boosting customer loyalty and attracting new customers to new store locations.
The Franchise POS system helps in making use of joint loyalty programs across the entire franchise, irrespective of the franchise locations, and offers common coupons eligible for any franchise store or restaurant.

  • Advanced Reporting for Better Sales

Your franchise POS system should not just deal with different types of data on one location but is capable of gathering and analyzing different data from the entire range of franchises.
This helps in giving a better insight into the real-time data of the brand & extract precise reports to enhance the onboarding processes and policies.
Using such franchise POS will help businesses get the sales data reports from every location of the franchise business promoting transparency and improving decision-making skills to meet business goals effectively.

Key Takeaways

As we are aware of all the benefits that the right POS system can offer to your business, you must hire experts to help you build a custom POS system that works best for your business needs.
However, ensure that you consider the top features discussed in the above section to help franchise businesses perform better with easy tracking of inventory and real-time insights to drive better customer experience, eventually leading to higher customer loyalty rates.
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