Top Development Trends in 2020 You Must Be Aware Of

April 24, 2020

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Having just an online presence of your business is no longer enough to impress the evolving needs of your customers. With so many service providers offering similar services, customers have choices and they may dismiss your brand and shift to your next competitor. That is why organizations must keep updated with the latest technology and development trends to ensure business growth. The question that may arise is whether your business is doing enough to meet the expectations and win customers’ hearts. Let’s find out what are the top technology trends 2020 for web, mobile, and software that can help to remain relevant in the market.

Top Software Development Technology Trends to Keep Your Business Ahead

We live in an advanced era where we are witnessing the fast-digital transformation that impacts all life spheres and several business verticals. From healthcare, manufacturing, banking, and many more, every business is looking for effective ways to automate operations and optimize costs. To help your organization stay ahead, we have shortlisted some of the best software development trends that will dominate 2020 and years ahead.

  • Big Data

Data is everywhere and in every business. The report from Statista says the market of Big Data is expected to reach $103 billion by 2027. The ability of Big Data to collect, store, and analyze a huge amount of raw data enables organizations to transform it into valuable information. If your business is not using Big Data analytics, it’s time to give it a try and embrace benefits like predictive analytics, customer behavior insights, efficient risk management, better customer experience, etc. No matter what type of industry your organization deals with, Big Data can help in taking businesses to the new heights of success.

  • IoT

IoT technology is driving businesses with a growing adoption rate and a rapid increase in the development of smart solutions. As IoT interconnects the devices and hardware using a single network for seamless delivery of operations, every software development company must harness the power of connectivity using IoT. Research by Statista says that the global IoT market revenue is expected to cross $ 1.6 trillion by 2025. IoT offers benefits like a better collection of huge data and analysis, prevention of equipment breakdown, proper inventory management, etc.

  • Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most evolving technologies that help in simulating human reasoning in AI systems and automating business processes to boost growth. The motive of every business is to deliver a great customer experience and big brands are relying on AI technology to achieve that. Along with the increasing adoption of personal digital assistants, AI has helped businesses in various applications like robots, chatbots, data analytics, Machine learning algorithms, and many more. AI is one of the latest software development trends that every developer must embrace to avail advantages like streamlined operations, reduced costs, better productivity, and most importantly, enhanced customer experience.

  • Blockchain

All of us have heard about Blockchain, the booming technology behind Bitcoin, which is now gaining attention in various business sectors. As the data stored in the blockchain network is immutable by nature, any transaction taken place can never be tampered/removed. Due to its decentralized digital data record, Blockchain has been famous for providing safe information storage and secure transactions without dependency on third parties. Not just in banking and finance, Blockchain is being used in software development for projects in several industries because of the benefits of using them.

  • AR/VR

Technologies that can merge the real and virtual worlds are Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). They are becoming the top software development trends used by many companies to build powerful AR/VR apps delivering immersive virtual experiences. Not just for building interactive VR games, these technologies are used in healthcare, real estate, education, and many more. Combining both the AR and VR forms Mixed Reality, which is becoming a new trend in the software development world, mainly for simulation-based learning, remote working, historical reconstruction, etc.

  • PWA

Another brand-new trend that has taken the world of app development by storm is Progressive Web Apps (PWA), the hybrid of regular websites, and a mobile application. Known as the advanced mobile websites that behave like a mobile app, PWAs development enables customers can interact with the brand as if they are using an app and even get notifications. One of the best features of PWA is it offers an immersive full-screen experience and can be installed directly from the website without opening the app store and resides on the smartphone’s home screen. Make use of PWA to gain benefits like improved performance, faster load time, low data usage, less device storage, and engaging user experience. Some top brands using PWA are Forbes, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.

  • Cyber Security

The most important and top software development technology trend is ensuring the security of data while building the software for the client’s business. It is predicted by Cybersecurity Ventures that the damage imposed by cybercrime cost around $6 trillion annually. To avoid such mishaps from cyberattacks and threats, every business is trying its best to safeguard the data strongly by integrating security solutions in their websites and apps. Preventing fraud, information leaks of customers, malware, and many other threats is very essential to grow the business brand value. Get in touch with the cybersecurity experts to start investing in cybersecurity and get your business data protected with emerging security protocols, ML algorithms for scam detection, etc.

Top Mobile App Development Frameworks in 2020

The rate of app usage and smartphone penetration is growing tremendously every year without any signs of slowing down in the coming future. While comparing the number of hours spent by customers on the internet, it is found that they prefer to use mobile apps than desktops as it offers easy access and convenience. Many development companies focus on shifting from desktop apps to mobile apps to reach a larger customer base. Here are the best mobile app development frameworks you can consider for 2020 to build top-notch solutions-

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  • Ionic

Known as the most-common HTML 5 cross-platform framework, Ionic is built with Angular and Apache Cordova enabling developers to build high-end native apps for different platforms like iOS, Android, and Windows. This framework uses native SDKs and emulates native app UI guidelines bringing both the UI standards and device features of native apps. To maximize performance & better efficiency, Ionic makes use of minimal DOM.

  • Xamarin

Developed by Microsoft, Xamarin is an open-source platform to build advanced and high-performance apps for iOS, Android, and Windows using .NET. This framework helps in controlling the communication between shared code and underlying platform code by acting as an abstraction layer. Xamarin offers source code reusability that increases the development speed and simplifies the need to switch between different development platforms.

  • PhoneGap

Another cross-platform app development framework developed by Nitobi, which was later acquired by Adobe is PhoneGap that helps developers in building apps in HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. With in-built hardware features like Storage, Camera, GPS, etc., the framework offers best-in-class performance enabling developers to build apps without any hardware restrictions and deploy them on several mobile devices keeping features of the native apps intact.

  • React Native

React Native is one of the most popular cross-platform frameworks for mobile app development built by Facebook to create top-notch and beautiful mobile apps using React JS and JavaScript.
Using this framework, developers can create interactive UIs for Android and iOS apps and even build encapsulated components to make complex UIs. It has a vast React community that can help developers build apps with ease and faster development time.

  • Flutter

Built by Google in 2017, Flutter is the best framework for mobile apps and web application development that uses the single codebase based on an object-oriented programming language-Dart. This framework is a helping hand for hybrid app developers for easy, swift, and optimized development with the creation of appealing visuals using Skia, 2D rendering engine. Another best thing about Flutter is Hot Reload functionality that helps in testing the project without repetitive restarts.

Always ensure that you keep in mind these app development frameworks to build the best app for your business. Every framework is different from one another, which is why it is important to choose the developers that are aware of the latest frameworks and its features to make development easier and faster. If you are worried about the cost to develop mobile appyou can get an estimated development cost and plan your budget wisely.

Top Web Development Technologies & Frameworks for Developers

Whether it is about front-end and back-end, the framework is one of the most integral parts of web development that helps in developing the app faster and smarter. As the standards of web application evolve, the complexity of the technology also increases. Good frameworks are what developers need to build rich and interactive web applications. To help you choose the best one and find the web development cost of your project, here are some of the top web development frameworks 2020-

  • Ruby on Rails

Known as a productive web application framework, Ruby on Rails helps in developing apps ten times faster than a typical Java framework. This framework has everything you need to build impressive website apps with a huge collection of code libraries that enable developers to perform repetitive tasks. Use this framework if you are looking for speedy development and it is free to use.

  • Angular

Earlier known as Angular JS, Angular is the Google framework that can build high-performance web apps with an added feature of easy-to-maintain. This framework comes with several versions, making it a popular one through open-source web development. With the support of PrimeNG, Bootstrap, and many more, Angular has quickened the design and development of web apps.

  • Laravel

Laravel is a Model-view-controller framework that uses one of the most popular languages, PHP. With robust API support, this framework consists of many packages that help in expanding its capability. Though Laravel is quite new as compared to other frameworks, it is still a beginner’s heaven and one can easily learn from screenshots tutorials website, Laracasts that has thousands of videos. However, Laravel can lack behind Django or Express in terms of performance making it a poor choice for massive projects.

  • Express

Another framework having a strong set of features for both mobile and web applications is Express which is quite flexible and minimal as many features are only available as plugins. This framework enhances the rapid development of Node.js based web applications. Popular among big brands like Uber, IBM, etc., Express supports full applications as well as REST APIs. The only disadvantage of this framework is there is no defined way of using this, which can be difficult, mainly for beginners.

  • Django

The next framework we will talk about is Django, a Model-View-Template framework that relies on Python for web development. Commonly used by brands like Google, YouTube, etc., the Django has its batteries-included features like authentication and messaging. With the support of strong security features, Django helps developers to build secure websites. Many developers believe that Django helps in fulfilling its tough requirements for web development.

Closing Statement

With the development of new technology now and then, companies need to be aware of the latest trends to be a part of a rapidly changing world of today. As the customers’ demands are constantly growing, keeping abreast of the top web development technologies is the best way to boost the customer experience. Ensure that you keep in mind the latest trends listed above that will impact the businesses in 2020. If you are a business owner and planning a build new software, an app, or a website, contact the expert developers of the leading software development company to transform your idea into tangible business value. Keep up with the competitors and meet the user’s demands by staying updated with these ever-changing trends today!