Top Languages for Blockchain App Development You Must Be Aware Of

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February 2, 2022

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As we are aware that Blockchain is one of the most trending technologies that is doing wonders in various industry verticals, many business owners are looking for ways to implement them in their service offerings.

Be it healthcare, travel, education, or banking domain, Blockchain holds the potential to transform the whole economy unlocking immense opportunities for good. As we witnessed the rise in blockchain technology, the net worth of the blockchain market is also increasing and by the year 2024, it is expected to be around $20 billion.

Blockchain is dominating its presence in various fields, which is why every technology enthusiast must be familiar with the top programming languages best suited for Blockchain development services. In this blog, we will find out about the top 10 blockchain programming languages that one must be aware of.

10 Best Blockchain Languages for Developing Apps

As Blockchain has gained huge popularity, here are some of the top programming languages that one must consider for building apps.

1. Solidity

The first blockchain language for those who are interested to learn is Solidity, which is influenced by Javascript, Powershell & C++. This language is helpful if you wish to build dApps and ICO development. Built by Vitalik Buterin, the mastermind behind Ethereum the language offers several benefits such as access to javascript infrastructures, developer-friendliness, statically typed programming, precise accuracy, etc.

2. Python

Blockchain programming in Python is not just known for IoT app development & network servers’ development but also as an asset in Blockchain-as-a-service. This is widely used for building dApps and smart contracts because of features like easy to learn, dynamic architecture access, suitable for base & scripting, open-source support, perfect for prototyping, etc. the best examples are Steem, Hyperledger Fabric, NEO.

3. Java

Java is another known language for Android app development, which is also a good choice for blockchain development. Derived from C-syntax, this language is preferred for developing sophisticated smart contracts and dApps due to features like OOP support, easy memory cleaning, a huge collection of libraries, etc. Examples are IOTA, NEO, NEM, and Hyperledger Fabric.

4. PHP

Many mobile app developers recommend PHP for blockchain app development solutions of different complexity ranges. Some of the best advantages are open-source community and object-oriented features.

5. JavaScript

JavaScript is considered one of the best blockchain languages for fulfilling any app and game development needs. Blockchain programming with javascript offers immense benefits like easier entry to the market, better scalability, collection of blockchain javascript frameworks, hassle-free integration, and lots more.

6. C++

Known for cryptocurrency development, the C++ language follows the OOP method and is highly used for developing cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ripple, Stellar, etc.

Some best features are smart CPU management and memory control, the ability to run parallel/non-parallel threads, move semantics for copying data, isolate code for several data structures, etc.

7. C#

Built by Microsoft as a substitute for Java, C# is the OOP language that has a wide range of benefits for building enterprise apps, cloud, and cross-platform development. As this language comes with features of C, SQL, and .NET frameworks, it is very beneficial for blockchain apps.

Other features that make C# stand out are it is open source, has easily understandable syntax, able to write portable code across devices.

8. Simplicity

Simplicity is one of the high-level blockchain coding languages that came into existence in November 2017. This is based on Ivy and works with Haskell-like syntax making coding easier and much more effective.

Due to its highly mathematical nature with a human-readable code line, it is used mainly for building smart contracts and blockchain solutions that work with both Bitcoin and EVM.

9. Go

Another on the list is the Go programming language that is not just easy to comprehend but also comes with the best Python and JavaScript features such as scalability, flexibility, speed, etc.

These features make it the best choice for building customized blockchain-based solutions. The two best examples are Go-Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric.

10. Ruby

For the new learner, Ruby is the best language for blockchain app development enabling many developers to prototype their vision effectively using open-source third-party APIs & plugins. The best thing is that this allows developers where they can mix features of other languages to create the enhanced platform.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you must have got an idea about the programming languages that can be considered before you enter the Blockchain app development world. Whether you are a business owner thinking to add a blockchain app or a new developer thinking of gaining a big opportunity with the career of Blockchain.

You must be aware that this technology holds a great potential to build different blockchain and cryptocurrency-based solutions. Go through the list stated above and choose which language suits the requirement.

If you still have queries, feel free to connect with our skilled blockchain app developers that are well-versed with different programming languages for any app development needs and guidance!