Top Questions to Ask Mobile App Developers before Hiring Them

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May 11, 2021

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We cannot deny the fact how app development has transformed our lives drastically. As the demand for apps rises, many mobile app development companies are building apps for different industry verticals such as communication, education, social media, banking, eCommerce, etc. Picking a suitable mobile app developers team can be a difficult task with so many options available in the market.

With more than millions of apps in app stores, building an app that stands out of the crowd requires the right expertise from the leading iOS and Android App Development Company. Before you hire a reliable mobile app development company, it is important that the team understands your project requirements thoroughly and have good knowledge to build a fully-featured app with unique offerings. Let’s find out some of the most important questions that you must to your app developers before hiring them.

What are the Questions to Consider Before Hiring a Mobile App Development Company?

Building an app for your business is essential to grow your brand presence & cater to the evolving needs of customers. If you are thinking to build an app for the business idea you have in your mind, check out the top 10 questions that you can ask your app developers before choosing them as your development partner.

1. Find Out About Their Earlier Developed Apps

Though there may be many developers who are good at app development but making sure that they have the right expertise to understand your business requirements is important for the app’s success. Knowing about the work portfolio of the Android or iOS App Development Company is crucial to know their experiences and success rates of projects till now. This will not only help in figuring out if the company is right for you or not but also give you an idea about the ratings/reviews of the apps developed earlier.

2. Share Current & Previous Clients

Another important thing to be considered is the information of the existing and old clients that the company has worked with. Many companies may claim to work with the world’s best brands but verifying the information that they have developed apps for them is essential. This enables you to get an idea of how the company handled its previous clients during the app development process. Reviews and feedbacks given by clients on platforms like Clutch, GoodFirms, etc. can help in making the right decision.

3. Know on Which Platform They Work in

Find out which platform of the app the developers have the best experience or most comfortable developing in. Knowing this will help you find out whether they are suitable for your business development needs or not. Discuss your preferences for the app platform & see if they are comfortable developing apps using the programming languages. With the rising popularity of cross-platform apps, you can also embrace the benefits of these apps if the developers are well versed in the same.

4. Presence of Developer Account

Every app development company has a developer account through which they have produced apps in the app stores. Find out if the developers you will work with have an account and check out the list of apps released through that account. This will help in giving you more clarity about their app development journey and how far the apps released are going.

5. Know Design Process They Follow

The design of the app makes a huge impact on the customers who will use your app. An appealing design is a must if you wish to gain the attention of users from the very first time. Ensure that your developers consider the user interface and user experience in mind to ensure a good design of the app. As design plays an important role for your app, find out about their previous designs of the apps & which approach do they follow to build them.

6. App Development Strategy

Having a well-planned development strategy is what you need for the success of the app. Discuss with the app development team to find out if they follow the desired steps such as UI design & development, coding for development & controls, testing approaches, certification, deployment, and many more.

7. App Development Timeline

Another question that you can ask is the time taken to deliver the application. Some companies may take around3-4 months while some may even complete the same work in few weeks. However, it would be the right approach if you could take time to find out the expertise and the quality of work irrespective of the time taken for development. If you plan to build an app, you need a pre-launch strategy to help engage your users through its vast network. Clarifying the expected timeline to complete the task without delay is needed depending on the availability of the app developers as they can work on multiple projects at the same time.

8. Deployment Process of App

Every company has different policies of app submission and how they handle the clients’ app releases. If you are a beginner or startup, try to find a reliable company that can guide you throughout the whole app cycle from start till the app submission. Know about the app deployment process on respective app stores i.e. App Store or Play Store followed by the iOS/Android App Development Company you will work with. Also, find out how the company will examine the client’s app release for better reach to a targeted audience.

9. App Maintenance Service

The app’s success is not decided with the release of the app, which means for efficient working, the proper maintenance of the app is important. After the release of the app in app stores, the regular update & maintenance is needed to cater to the evolving needs of customers. Ask the development company whether they will provide maintenance services for the app post-release and will there be extra charges for the same.

10. Data Security Policies

Another important aspect during the app development process is data security as many businesses face data breaches due to unprotected data & poor security policies. Ensure that the developers you choose to build apps with secure codes to avoid mishaps due to data loss & promote a better lifespan of the apps. Go for the app development company that values your data and take the necessary steps to ensure app data security.

Wrapping Up

Mobile apps are becoming a necessity for every business that wishes to build a fruitful relationship with its customers. As apps play the main role in day-to-day life, business without app won’t be able to engage with customers & may lose customers to competitors offering great features in their mobile apps. Ensure that you ask every question stated above to know your Android or iOS App Development Company better before you invest in them. As the competition is high, many mobile app development companies claim to be the best but take time to research and analyze to protect your brand from fraud cases. Hope you get to work with a suitable Mobile App Development Company that helps you build the best mobile app with powerful features.