Top Technology Trends Shaping the Future in 2021

April 28, 2021

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As the previous year taught us how technology is not just a buzzword but, could be a basic necessity altogether. Online platforms including the eCommerce industry proved as a great help during the pandemic era, while today, they’re under the basics of everything. Many offline businesses invested in a digital presence and ran parallel to the digital shift.

Advanced technology will continue to grow every day and companies might have a lot to explore through! Let’s embrace the new mindset shaping a better future with the latest tech trends to look up in 2021-

  • Entering into Next-Gen of Mobile Networks

Wave a hand to the fifth generation of mobile internet lending you the kind of speed that was only possible with Wi-Fi! Seems fancy? Being more factual, the coming up internet advancement will lead to extensive improvements in the way how applications are written, deployed, and interacted. How? It involves sustained growth of data-sensitive applications and making use of the Internet of Things (IoT is basically a sensor-embedded physical object having the capabilities to share data through the internet. What’s more worthy here is the faster data transmission and an increased area to innovate. 5G will be a revolution in the world of mobile technology bringing the fastest ever data downloads and transmission in seconds!

  • The wake of Telemedicine and Telehealth

The pandemic and ongoing crisis have made all realize that healthcare is a sector holding the atmost importance in today’s times. Though many healthcare institutions have already established their way towards telehealth offerings mostly through patient-doctor video chats, Artificial Intelligence based diagnostics, and zero contact medicine delivery options. Well, 2020 witnessed a high demand for home delivery services ranging from essentials to almost all sorts of goods available. Telehealth facility has given a new means to take medical health to another level. Many startups have also taken up their digital presence and found a better way to match with customer’s increasing demand, with every new business coming in force, there’s an opportunity to elevate experiences and introduce more possible options to bridge between patients and doctors.

  • Distributed Cloud Technology

Heard about the new wave of distributed cloud technology? It is a public cloud computing service allowing one to run public cloud infrastructure in varied locations. On the question of where it actually runs, it’s not just limited to cloud provider’s infrastructure and premises but also in the data centers of different cloud providers along with third-part data centers in action. The increasing demand for distributed cloud technology has brought public clouds much closer to a few locations and also private networks simultaneously. Diminishing the fine lines between how public cloud applications and private cloud applications interact with each other. In this way, the entire process will become smooth and have relatively less latency. It might also require lesser storage components, redundant data as well as bandwidth.

  • Bringing in force AI, Robotics and Industrial Automation

The coming year will bring heaps of demands and faster development of Artificial Intelligence along with industrial automation technology. With time supply chains and manufacturing are coming into full operations and the major issue here could be the availability of human resources. In this sort of situation, automation can do wonders! With the help of robotics, AI, and IoT, almost everything can get in line or at least have an alternate solution for operating industrial manufacturing. In the era of automation, a few leading companies have already opted for industry automation with robotics and AI integration.

  • Controlling Data Breaches and Preventing Cyberattacks

Data security is one of the major set of concerns for almost all industries, believe it or not, cybersecurity is actually the right area to invest your money. The elevated demand for better technology for cybersecurity has always been on the lead. Though the world is operating from their homes and has taken the online space for almost everything, the number of data breaches have increased in the past year. As per a survey, malicious hackers exposed more than 155 million records in the year 2020. Data privacy is important than ever before and the rising focus on data-driven policing and looking for other options for dealing with cyber-attacks is quite a common thing. Moreover, technological advancement will keep on increasing and still have a long way to go! checkout options for cybersecurity audit services for getting your business in line.

  • Augment Reality is the next big thing!

Virtual and augmented reality has shown tremendous growth in the past year, why? Now when we can’t step out from home, does not mean the businesses and needs have taken a halt! Everything is still moving and finding out better possibilities for itself. With the rise of AR & VR. The immersive technologies are enabling incredible transformation all across various sectors. Through AR indoor navigation, AR avatars, remote assistance, mobility VR, Virtual sports events, AR cloud, everything can be done virtually, taking forward an all-new way to interact and stay in touch.

  • Adoption of Micro-Mobility

The micro-Mobility market has witnessed a slowdown at the inception of the pandemic but, the sector is slowly showing signs of recovery by reaching levels of its pre-Covid popularity levels. The rising usage of e-scooters and e-bikes is constantly rising and has become a convenient transportation alternative meeting the social distancing norms. The upcoming year will be a year to expand, increase and grow wherein the popularity of battery-operated vehicles will fuel every day.

Wrapping Up

As another year came up with more options to innovate and bring ideas to life, there is a fair scope of technology advancements and better possibilities for the key business concerns. In the wake of technologies, let your business grow and stay in line with the technology upgrades and numerous new options to elevate the digital presence. Look out for a suitable android app development company or an iOS app development company to get started. In case you’re looking for a secure solution for your business, check out the right blockchain app development company.