Trending App Ideas to Consider For Your Startups In 2021

March 17, 2021

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No matter what business you deal with, having a mobile presence is crucial to cater to the needs of increasing smartphone users. Research by Statistics found that more than 85% of people in the world are using mobile apps installed on their phones, which means your business can reach almost everyone through a dedicated mobile app. However, finding a good app idea is important for a successful startup. If you can’t think of novel ideas for your app, you can check out some of the best app ideas in 2021 that you can invest in your business. Before you hire a bunch of expert iOS and Android App Developers, make sure that you do thorough research and analysis to find the idea that can make your venture profitable.

Top Mobile App Ideas That Every Business Startup Should Consider To Invest

Mobile apps have undoubtedly made things simpler and convenient in almost every aspect of our lives. We rely on apps for everything, whether it’s online shopping, flight bookings, food ordering, and many other reasons. Due to stiff competition in the app development world, choosing the app idea that’s right for your target audience is essential. There are more than a million apps that are left unnoticed in play stores. Take time to validate your app idea before choosing it from the list of top app ideas that you can invest in 2021 and beyond.

Here are the best app ideas to make your business profitable-

  • Scan App for Shopping

Customers today have no time to visit physical stores and buy the things they need. They want an easy and convenient way to shop through mobile apps. More than 62% of smartphone users prefer using their devices to make a purchase. Most of the common problems faced by users are the inability to find the product they want. One app idea to help users shop smarter is through the help of scan and shop app, which enables them to scan any item they are interested in. The app allows users to purchase items from various authentic online shopping websites. Here, your app acts as a bridge between the online shopping store owners and customers.

  • Gaming App

Another successful app idea that will always be in demand is the gaming app, one of the biggest revenue generator categories in the app world. A study conducted in 2018 says that gaming apps accounted for 76% of the total app industry revenue while mobile gaming contributes 50%

to the global gaming market. Some of the best features that you can implement in your gaming app idea are the multiplayer game system where gamers can play and compete with one another instead of playing with the computer, 3D interaction with the real world with games like Pokemon Go where players travel to catch Pokemon and other gameplay that is engaging & challenging. If you are planning to build a gaming app, ensure that your app design is unique and perfect to ease usability.

  • Alert App

These kinds of app ideas are best for today’s world where people are busier than ever. One of the common app types is criminal alert to send updates about burglaries, mass robbery/shootings, assaults, etc. Getting real-time notifications about crimes in the locality will help people in the neighborhood stay alert and take timely actions before any mishap happens. Though these apps are still new in the market, they can be a great solution for public service helping them detect the presence of offenders and alert police officers nearby for the safety of people they care about.

  • Song Finding App

One app idea that many users would love is the song finder app to find that catchy song you heard before in seconds. Only the tune and lyrics of the song are enough to help you find the song you are searching for. Sometimes Google can be a help but most of the time, the best search engines even fail to help. Many music lovers find this very irritating and it can be a great opportunity for business owners looking for an app idea. You can build a song finder app where users can just hum the song to find out the song of their choice.

  • Resume Creator App

Finding a job of your dreams needs a good resume! Research says there are more than 77 % of HR generalists disqualify job applications based on poorly drafted resumes. Developing an app that creates engaging resumes well-fitted for candidates’ profiles can be a great help. These apps not only help in making the resume grammatical errors free in the process. Fermium model app type is the best choice for such apps as you will targeting a niche audience with lesser money in the pocket.

Wrapping Up

There are thousands of mobile app ideas that you can consider for your business in 2021 and beyond. What’s challenging is to make a successful app that adds value to the users as well as the app developers. The main motive of building an app is to boost your business through it, which is why you need to come up with the app idea that will overcome challenges faced by your users and how your business app can help combat these difficulties. Ensure that you go through the app ideas stated above to help you invest in the profitable app idea that can take your business to new heights. For the best Android and iOS App Development Services, get in touch with a reliable app development company & kick start your business with an awesome app idea.