Voice Search Technology in Mobile Apps: Is it Essential or Just Hype?

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March 22, 2021

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Do you know voice technologies are set to reach millions of people in the decades ahead? According to a survey, 50% of smartphone users in the US use voice technology every day.

Voice recognition is taking over the future. The main reason behind the popularity is convenience, social connection, smart communication, and much more. If such technology is implemented in mobile apps, it will befit both – businesses can streamline processes and users can search faster, leading to improved productivity and efficiency.

How Voice Technology Transforms Businesses

Besides being a helpful tool, voice search technologies revolutionize the way you work. Harnessing the power of technology, you can improve your conversion rates and make your business more successful. Following are the use cases that how the rise of voice technology is impacting your business operations.

1. Promotes Healthy Relationships with Customers

Cutting-edge voice technologies bring a higher level of personalization. It is one of the most operative and fast ways of human communication. Nearly one in five Americans has admitted that voice is fun. Hire a reliable Android app development company to enjoy its potential to the fullest.

2. Offers Seamless User Experience

Many businesses face obstacles when they go digital as it’s hard to convince the audience and achieve a unified response from them. However, voice technologies make it possible. It offers undeniably great experience across all devices/ systems.

3. A Smarter Way to Search

Search engine optimization (SEO) and organic traffic are prime factors to consider if you want to succeed online. As with every passing day, more and more people are using voice tools, therefore, companies are adding the technology in their SEO strategies. And it is estimated that by the year 2022, 50% of all internet searches will be voice-based.

4. Higher AI Compatibility

Artificial Intelligence is another booming technology in the marketplace. Since voice technologies are highly compatible, you can expect high-performing and robust mobile apps. It’s a win-win situation. Alexa is one of the biggest examples that handles all the customer interactions and serves them better. A renowned mobile app development company helps you incorporate Alexa app features to many Android and iOS devices.

Integrating Voice Technology into Your Mobile App

The experienced app development companies have recognized that there are two elements (Text to Speech Synthesizer and Speech Recognition Technology) on which voice features are supported. When integrating voice technology into your mobile app, you can choose from the following deployment models.


Automatic speech recognition takes place in the cloud. With accurate cloud solutions, you can witness that your app is lightweight that makes the app load faster. However, cloud solutions depending on the user’s internet connection quality.


The entire voice-enabled app development process is done on mobile speech recognition technology. As it takes a large portion of the smartphone’s resources, your app will run slowly, when compared to cloud solutions.

Many enterprises choose cloud solutions as they are secure and fast. There are different SDKs, tools, libraries are available online for iOS and Android app development – the developers can guide you on which one to choose to achieve results par expectations in the long run.

Advantages of Using Voice Search in Your Mobile App

  • Makes Your App User-friendly

Voice technologies offer multilingual abilities. With proper implementation of voice search technology in your app, you can carter a broad target audience with over 30 languages. It means you can serve millions of people across the world with one app.

Moreover, voice search commands help users to search through your product catalog quickly. For instance, you run an e-commerce store, a voice-enabled iOS app that enables your customers to go through a vast inventory within minutes that saves time.

  • Improves Customer Satisfaction Rates

By hiring app developers to integrate voice search into your app, you are opening doors to tremendous opportunities that increase fulfillment and retention. It avoids modality errors and provides a quality mobile app interaction. It maximizes ROI and boosts customer retention.

  • Expands Your Mobile App Boundaries

Compared to laptops, mobile devices are not a convenient option when it comes to searching online. However, voice search technology changes perceptions. Its features expand the boundaries of your app significantly and allow users to search even without typing.


Irrespective of the business type, voice technologies make your mobile app better. Moreover, you get an opportunity to serve your clients right and engage them deliberately for the future. You can use a reliable app cost calculator tool to find how much your voice-enabled app costs. A feature-rich application can help you attract more customers than before.

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