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Which is Better for My First App in 2020: Android or iOS?

Mobile apps act as a gateway to the user base, most important driver of success for any business. However, most of the businesses in their initial period are puzzled with one question: Which is better for business in the beginning: Android or iOS? Well, we’ve got you covered.

In this blog, we are going to shed light on various factors that would help you in the selection of the ideal Operating System(OS) for kick starting your app journey. Let’s get started!

Your business can receive easily determine the type of audience you want to target by carefully conducting an analysis of the below-listed factors:


1. Younger Users than the Android Counterparts

2. Greatly Engage in M-Commerce

3. Users with Higher Income

4. Users with Higher Education Level

5. Mostly based in the US, Europe

6. Greater Engagement Rate

7. Higher Revenue Generation per user

8. Few types of gadgets, but stellar quality and capable

9. Highly usable interface but lack of customization

10. Apps consume less RAM


1. The older age limit of the average users

2. Less likely to engage in M-Commerce

3. Users with Lower Income

4. Users with Comparatively Lower Education level

5. Developing countries

6. Lesser Engagement Rate

7. Lower Revenue Generation per user

8. Wide fragmentation

9. Hugely versatile software that permits customized UX on different devices

10. Apps consume more RAM

When choosing iOS is right for your business?

Depending on the above given data based on the demographics, market revenues, and other benefits, launching an app on iOS platform would play an important role in starting your app journey.

A skilled team of iOS app developers can help you build a great iOS app according to your requirements.

When to go the ‘Android Way’?

It is ideal to go for the Android platform if you’re targeting audience in developing nations or certain segments in urban areas. Moreover, choosing this OS first would provide to be a good choice if you plan to tap into or customize an element of Android OS, the option which is not provided in iOS.

However, it should be taken into consideration that the development cost on Android platform can prove to be a little costlier than their iOS counterpart. (See: How Much to Make an App?).

To conclude, before getting in touch with an iOS or android app development company, it is mandatory to keep in mind that building an app requires a rigorous investment of both your resources and vision. That is why you need to plan in an efficient before approaching app development process. So what are you waiting for? Get your app developed!

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