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Which Web Application Development Frameworks Will Rule In 2020?

Do you know, there are around 400+ active websites to date? That’s not it, every day thousands of websites are added to intensify the competition. Successful businesses always looking forward to smart and innovative ways to adapt to the ever-changing digital world. As the latest trends evolve, new opportunities will knock the door. However, to maintain the competitive edge web developers help you in leveraging the capabilities of the latest web development frameworks and bring modern innovations, new ideas, and new web development initiatives to life.

With technology advancements, there is a vast range of web application development frameworks in the marketplace. But the question is, which one is suitable for your business? As every framework has different components, tool kit, architecture, and community support, enabling your business to grow at scale.  

There are many reliable web application development companies that have worked for huge clientele and developed robust web application solutions, each using different frameworks depending on the requirements of the project. A perfect solution for business owners is to hire the right web application development company that has a team of highly experienced and skillful resources who can guide you through the right framework for your project.

To make a wise investment, you need to have a brief knowledge of the highly preferred web development frameworks. To ease your task,

Here is a list of top recommended Frontend web development frameworks that will dominate in 2020. 

Angular Js – Open-Source & Robust Web Application Framework 

Maintained by Google, Angular Js is an open-source framework that addresses the challenges faced by developers while developing & testing the development code. It is built on MVC architecture which is commonly used for building dynamic applications. The framework follows basic HTML and automatically synchronizes data between the model and view components. It makes development easy and is used for creating several applications including travel, weather, mobile commerce, user review, video streaming, and e-commerce.

Significant benefits of Angular Js

  • Ease of Code Reusability

With Angular, developers can reuse the codes that are written for other applications. Thus, ease the development process and saves time. Moreover, developers can test, construct, inject, and do almost anything with this framework, allowing them to experiment with HTML & attributes to achieve the best business outcomes.  

  • Plug & Play Components

You can add existing components to a new application by simply copying and pasting the development code. Also, Angular Js data binding is easy thus, saves a lot of time for developers and accelerate speed-to-market.  

React – Simple, yet Powerful UI Library 

The front-end ecosystem is constantly evolving and some frameworks become “essentials” in terms of web development that are revolutionizing the workflow and streamlining business processes. React Js is one of the most popular JavaScript libraries that was created with a business-forward mindset as it has a plethora of capabilities like faster web page load speed, SEO friendliness, and code reusability.  

Reasons to use React Js over other frameworks –

  • Boosts Productivity and Facilitates Maintenance 

Often updates turn into headaches. Complex logic and changes in one component can affect the entire code. React Js can reuse system components which is a great way to save valuable time on development. In addition to that, React Js has a declarative nature which makes designing UI seamless and allows product developers to focus on other important functions & business logic.

  • Guarantees Stable Code & SEO Friendliness 

React Js uses downward data flow thus, ensures small changes in the child structures do not affect parent structures. When developers modify the state and make the changes, only particular components will be updated. This structure of data binding allows code stability and robust web performance.

Another great benefit of using React Js is that it can run on the server, render, and return the virtual DOM to the browser as a regular webpage. The framework significantly reduces page load time through faster rendering speed and upgrades performance in real-time based on current user traffic which is not handled perfectly by other frameworks.

  • Ensures Faster Rendering with Virtual DOM 

Thinking to develop heavy-load applications? If yes, then with React is an appropriate option for you. It has the capabilities of Virtual DOM (document object model) which is perfect for heavy load and dynamic software solutions.

Vue Js – Fuse Technologies for Bigger Impact 

One of the most popular web frameworks, Vue Js is being practiced at both startup and enterprise levels. It is a JavaScript framework with various tools for building user interfaces. Another big benefit of using the framework is its small size. It takes no time for a user to download and use it.  

  • Ease of Migration 

It facilitates easy integration with existing applications that are built on JavaScript. Most of the third-party Vue components and libraries are supported by Vue.js CDN. It means Vue Js are useful for developing new web apps as well as modifying the existing one.

  • Flexible and Provides Two-Way Communication 

Vue Js works on MVVM architecture which makes it quite easy to handle HTML blocks, facilitating two-way communication. It suggests whenever you make any changes in UI, it will quickly be reflected in the data that is difficult in other libraries.

Here is a list of top suggested Backend web development frameworks that will dominate in 2020. 

Django – Accelerates Custom Application Development Services


Django is a Python-based web framework that is designed to simplify the process of Custom Application DevelopmentIt acts as a quick solution for web development that has the ability to deliver high-quality and transparent code, making it the right platform for business.  

  • In-Built Admin Panel 

Django has automatically generated an admin panel from Python code that makes the task easier and simpler than ever before. Also, there’s room for customization in the Django admin panel, allowing you to modify the interface and add dashboards as per your exclusive needs of the project.

  • SEO-Friendly 

Django is famous for having human-readable code thus proves beneficial as the website ranks higher in search results. It helps you generate readable website URLs using the most relevant keywords and SEO best practices.

Django inherits multiple features from Python which enables developers to build custom web applications seamlessly according to varying business requirements. A large percentage of developers opt for Django when they have to meet both goals and project timelines.

Express Js – A Prebuilt Node Js Framework that Builds Smarter Web Applications

Express Js has the biggest community which is easy to configure and customize. The key advantage of Express Js framework is that developers find it easy to scale the applications in vertical and horizontal directions. The framework is highly scalable and provides a better option than other JavaScript servers.  

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We have reviewed the top web development frameworks that are flexible and cater to multiple types of projects. Out of all the web frameworks, which one should you choose? It all depends you’re your project needs and requirements. Going through all the above-mentioned frameworks can help you save your time and worth the investment in the long run.

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